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Andrews Announces Newly Rehired Camden Police to Report to Duty

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Federal grant allows 19 officers to return to their beat

Camden, NJ – At a swearing-in ceremony this past Monday, Congressman Rob Andrews joined Camden Mayor Dana Redd in announcing the re-hiring of 19 Camden police officers who were laid off in January.  This welcome news comes on the heels of Camden re-hiring 55 police officers and 31 firefighters last month who were also laid off earlier this year.

The rehiring of these 19 police officers was made possible through a $4.3 million U.S. Department of Justice COPS Hiring Program (CHP) grant.  The COPS Hiring Program provides federal dollars directly to state, local, and tribal law enforcement agencies– helping cities like Camden meet the challenges of maintaining a safe and sufficient police presence and helping put these brave men and women back to work.

“We are thankful that today we are bringing back 19 of our best and brightest to serve and protect our streets, so that our city can get

the support that is so critical to its revitalization,” said Congressman Andrews.  “While there’s still work to be done to re-hire public safety officers who have been laid off, the spirit of this great city is rewarded today as we swear in these dedicated men and women whose efforts will help the city achieve stability.”

“With today’s swearing-in, my Administration, working with our Congressional Delegation and the Governor’s Office, has been able to rehire a total of 74 police officers,” Mayor Redd said.  “This means that more officers are back on the streets patrolling our neighborhoods and business districts.  We will continue to explore all and any funding opportunities that will assist our police department to protect our residents and city.”

Congressman Andrews will continue to support funding for the COPS program, which has added nearly 122,800 officers to over 13,600 law enforcement agencies nationwide since Rep. Andrews took office.


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