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Hogwash. The NJEA misleads. And talk about hypocritical. The so-called millionaire's tax was installed by Gov. Jim McGreevey -- and it applied to people making $400,000 so it is a half-millionaires tax. Gov. Jon Corzine and the Democrat-led Legislature put in a temporary surtax that also applied to less-than-millionaires. They designed it to end Dec. 31, 2009, and it did. Between then and when Christie became governor, they passed and signed into law other bills but not their millionaire surcharge.

Only after Christie took over did the Democrats approve a bill imposing a new surcharge on people making more than $1 million. Christie had said during the campaign he wouldn't raise taxes, so it was a political trick to get him to break his word or have something for the Democrats to bray about if Christie vetoed it, which he did. But taxes for the rich today are the same as they were the day Christie arrived in office.

The NJEA is tax-exempt and tells the taxman its mission is to improve lives of teachers and protect their interests through collective bargaining and grievance procedures. It's hard to see how this ad on behalf of the Democratic Party fits into that.

Maybe the IRS should pay the NJEA...............

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