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Bills Point of View: IT’S NOT THE DOG’S FAULT!


By Bill Cleary


(CNBNEWS.NET) I enjoy my daily walks with Erica and Lacey but lately I
have wondered whether or not I should continue.  Within the past two weeks we have been attacked by a pit bull and also a little rag mop of a dog. I been told this same pit bull has gone after other dogs as well in the neighborhood. As for the rag mop, well he bit Lacey hard enough that she let out a yelp! He also bit Erica’s nose.


About a year or so ago, we were walking down the street when a good sized dog jumped the fence ran up to Lacey and bit her in the neck. Lacey went down and surrendered but the dog kept biting. Erica came to her rescue and the mongrel ran off. 


Right before that incident two pit bulls came after me when I was walking my granddaughter’s dog Molly, (photo) just a puppy at the time. The owner of the Girls%20having%20fun%20009 dogs was running right behind them. I picked up Molly and shouted or let me be honest, I screamed like a girl. Hearing the screech the two pits slowed down long enough for the owner to grab them both and restrain them.


I am sure there are many nice pit bulls. But because of my recent experiences if I see someone walking one down the street coming towards me I am going to get out of the way. 


 I have been walking the streets of Gloucester City with my pets for 46 years. No Lacey and Erica are not that old. 


There was Trooper, Sheba, Misty, Bear and Nikki all Labrador Retrievers. In my opinion that breed is the best. They are all up in heaven now hopefully waiting for me on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.



Looking back I don’t recall one time when any of those labs were attacked in Gloucester City by another dog (s).  What has changed I wonder?


 Some would say the reason for these attacks is because the dogs don’t like my opinion pieces in the Gloucester City News and on my blog. Could it be these animals are not after Lacey and Erica but after yours truly?


 But if that is true, I wonder why this is happening now? After all I have been writing opinion pieces since 1968.  Disenchanted readers yes but not dogs.


 No doubt CNBNews columnist Dawn Watson, a certified dog trainer, would be able to teach these particular canines how to behave. I am sure however she would begin with the owners of these dogs. For that is where the problem lies, not with the animals.


Have you had a similar experience? Let me know.


TIPS/SNIPPETS send to [email protected]


Brother of the Wolf Banner Horz.


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