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New Marlton Facility Created 2,800 Construction Jobs and 1,000 New Permanent Health Care Jobs






JEER-Gloucester City News.. October 8, the Jeer Section I read the Images-12 following...quote: It was reported in the Philadelphia Inquirer that Camden City and Gloucester City are the only two communities in Camden County that still mix storm water and sewage in one large pipe.  If the system overflows when it rains, it floods sewage everywhere.   19 months later nothing has changed. Every time we have a heavy rain...the street begins to flood as Gloucester City Water Department has told me that they close the flood gates in order to let the water into the river at a slow pace.  Well, the water that floods the street and fills that large pipe with storm water and sewage...backs up into the sewer line and out on to my basement floor.  I have repeatedly had to clean up this raw sewage from my cellar floor with bleach water!  Will Gloucester City ever be required to do what the other 35 communities in Camden County have done and fix this quandary?  I am so sick of cleaning up other residents’ raw sewage....signed Anonymous


CHEER- May 5th, I lost my cell phone ! I went to the last place I was that morning and checked the WaWa parking lot, but no luck. I went inside and some good person had turned it in to one of the workers, I deeply appreciate that someone turned it in. Many thanks to you and to the people at the Bellmawr WaWa on Browning Road for taking care of it, Thanks so much !! John from Bellmawr.


CHEER- To the young man who saw me struggle to put my recycle bin on the curb and hurried to carry it for me. And we are in the BAD part of Gloucester City!


JEER-To Gloucester City mayor and council for laying off employees and refusing to give raises, however still continue to spend money like it's going out of style. 

JEER-To the condition of the roads on Cherry Sreet and 7th street. Gloucester City should have paved those roads with the huge pot holes rather than pave Atlantic Street between Monmouth and Cumberland.

JEER-The train that blows it's whistle at 5:15 a.m. Let's face it, anyone who is on the tracks is on them because they want to be. 

CHEER- People who realize that it's their own children who are bringing the "big, bad out-of-towners" into Gloucester City. Something is attracting these people here, try looking in the mirror.

JEER-To all the scumbag out-of-town people that cause trouble in our town and give us a bad name.

JEER-Heavy rain in April resulted in the Admiral Wilson Blvd., in Camden City being shut down to all traffic. The federal government spent $8 million to install retention ponds and graded portions of the land adjacent to the Cooper River. Four sewer outfalls into the river were installed along with an earth berm to prevent high tides reaching local ramps. Yet today the problem is just as bad if not worst then it was 10 years ago when the project was completed. 


CHEER-"A" Platoon members from Ladder 24, Engine 22, Squirt 51, and Battalion 13 planted over a dozen cherry trees along Chapel Avenue. The Cherry Hill Firefighters were joined by members of Rehab 13 and American Legion Post 372 who helped place dozens of American flags along the roadway between Haddonfield Road and Kings Highway.


CHEER-To all those school board candidates across the state of New Jersey who ran for election to their local Board of Education. Serving on a school board or any board/council for that matter is a thankless job. Fortunately there are people who are willing to give up their time to help their community.


JEER-The drastic increase in gas prices are causing extreme difficulties on people who need to drive their vehicle (s) to and from work or elsewhere. Some of that per gallon increase can be blamed on federal and state taxes. But wait! Here in NJ the Democrat controlled legislature is considering a bill (2718) that would increase that amount by 24 cents per gallon (8 cents per gallon for the next three years). Unbelievable!


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