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MT. EPHRAIM NEW JERSEY –I have been a resident of the Borough of Mt. Ephraim for Images the past 18 years.  Along with my wife Lee Heslin (Earnest) and our three children.  I have worked with the City of Philadelphia and various PA suburban areas in the administration of local and municipal taxes for the past twenty years.  I am presently employed by two tax administration companies the Revenue Collection Bureau  (RCB, Inc.) located in Northeast Philadelphia and the Tri-State Financial Group, LLC (TFG) located in Paoli, PA as the Chief Administrative Officer, as well as being a partner in the Tri-State Financial Group.  I am also a certified paralegal and a member of the South Jersey Paralegal Association.

I feel and think that my understanding of local and state tax ordinances and regulations, budget planning and my business administration abilities, could be of help and assistance to the School District of Mt. Ephraim as well as to the families with children in the School District.

Over the last 18 years Mt. Ephraim has been my home, this same small town where my wife grew up, and has strong family roots.  Her grandfather, once the Mayor of Mt. Ephraim, as well as her grandmother and father were both members of the Mount Ephraim School Board for many years.  My wife and I have been involved with Mt. Ephraim over these past years through our volunteering of school functions, town events as well as our involvement with Mt. Ephraim Girls Softball where I have been President for the past 6 years and an involved member for the past 11 years.  We are both now involved and on the board of the Mount Ephraim Youth Athlete Association.  

Through our 18 years here in the very small community of Mt. Ephraim, our three children went to both the Mary Bray and Kershaw schools.  The Mt. Ephraim school district was second to none.  The teachers gave their heart and soul in teaching our children, and they still are.  Even during these times of cut backs, and programs cuts they are stilling giving all they can.  Most of your board members are fighting for your kids and your schools, and I would like to help in that fight, there are still some that are only fighting the administration, and fighting against a budget that could and would keep our schools  opened and your kids at home.

Even though my children have left the Mount Ephraim School District, my continuing involvement with the town’s people, I have seen so many changes within our school district and these are all not for the good.  I have watched good teachers leave our schools, programs get cut, schools funds taken away and all this does is hurt the kids, your kids. There are ways to make this all work without hurting the kids, and without the quality of a good education being taking away from your kids.  An education they deserve and have the right too.

The one thing that Mount Ephraim was always able to offer to the families of this small town was a good strong school district and education.  This is slowly disappearing.  I would love to have the opportunity to help bring back or at least try to help keep what is left of our school district for your kids.  To give your kids the chance and opportunity that my kids had while attending the Mt. Ephraim schools.  These schools are the only thing that Mount Ephraim has to offer their families’ I don’t want to see that taken away from your kids.  

EDITOR'S NOTE: All School Board candidates in the South Jersey area are invited to submit their reasons for running in the April 27 annual school board election.  Include a photo if you have one.

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