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Keep Prom Fun and Safe for Your Teen


It's prom headquarters at The Partnership at Drugfree.orgDrainco-1

Wait -- before you start envisioning the staff promenading around the office in tuxes and taffeta,
high heels and updos, let me explain. They've been busy preparing heaps of helpful information for parents (like me) whose teens are off to prom this spring. 

Yes, my son Michael will soon be attending his prom in Baltimore. He'll be going with his girlfriend, renting a tux and riding in a limo. 

For many teens, prom is a chance to feel like an adult -- get dressed up, go out with a date, hang out with friends, have a nice dinner, do some dancing and celebrate the end of high school.

But for parents, it's a whole other story -- one often fraught with worry. We've all seen the classic prom movies, heard stories of prama and what really happens on prom night.

The good news is there are steps parents like us can take to ensure a safe prom -- and after prom -- for our kids. Things like setting a curfew, insisting they don't get in a car with a drunk, drugged or texting driver, and talking.

One way to spark the conversation with your teen is to talk about your own prom experiences. Go ahead and laugh about what you wore, who you went with and lessons learned. From there, you can ask your teen: How are you feeling about the prom? What are you most excited about? And most nervous about?

Then there are the really tough questions you might be grappling with (I know I am): How do I talk to my teen about sexShould I serve alcohol to teensShould I tell my teen to drink responsibly? Should I host a co-ed sleepover on prom night?

So, while I'm excited about Michael going to prom -- I'm also worried.

Prom should be a fun and memorable experience for our kids. But it's up to us to help keep them healthy and safe. I'm so glad The Partnership at Drugfree.orgoffers so much helpful information.

Now if only they rented tuxedos! 

Happy Prom Season,


Sandra Carcamo
Parent Advisory Board Member
The Partnership at
Mother of 3 teenagers

P.S. Wondering what to do with your old prom dress? Mom Prom founder and mother of three, Betsey Paulsen Crapps, has some excellent suggestions