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Why Am I Running for the Board of Education? Spotlight on Amelia Stebner


My name is Amelia Stebner and I am a candidate for the Gloucester City Board of Education. Gina & Amelia Photo

I am a resident of Somerset Street, a proud mother and an experienced educator and counselor. 

I believe the many experiences throughout my 14-year career in private education, as both a School Counselor and as a tutor, have given me a valuable perspective by working with students who have struggled academically.  In my years as a Guidance Counselor, I have worked with parents, children, teachers and administrators to help establish and achieve desired academic goals.  I currently work with students one-on-one in the “NCLB” (No Child Left Behind) program, where I have had the opportunity to see firsthand some of what can be improved upon and what things are working in our schools.

In both my professional career as an educator and in my private life as a mother; I believe I understand the challenges facing our schools, families, teachers and taxpayers.  The constraints, restrictions and requirements placed upon our educational system today leave our community little room for mistakes or wishful expenditures.  As a fiscally conservative citizen, I am also attuned to the cost and value that our educational system has on our community.  Taxpayers want to know that the dollars spent on education will be invested properly and soundly for all our mutual benefit.  

Time is precious for our students as their years of learning pass by quickly.  The young boys and girls in our schools today will soon grow up to be the men and women who live, develop and lead our community tomorrow.  My hope is to help enhance our school system for them and for us, by sharing my experiences and knowledge as a member of our Board of Education.   

Thank you for your consideration.

Kindest regards,

Amelia Stebner

Gloucester City


EDITOR'S NOTE: All School Board candidates in the South Jersey area are invited to submit their reasons for running in the April 27 annual school board election.  Include a photo if you have one. 

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