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Pictured from left to right: John “Elrod” Eller, Jim “Jim Boy” Ferry and Scott “Scotty Mac” MacAdams


By Daisy May



Despite eight months of serious procrastination, yours truly, has finally received the story surrounding three locals road trip last August to Great Adventure, Jackson NJ, all to hear their favorite band and support a great cause.


As a result of their families apropos Father’s Day gifts Elrod, JimBoy and ScottyMac made the trek to Six Flags for the Sean Hannity’s Freedom Concert to hear Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Charles Daniels band and Christian contemporary artist Michael Smith.



When asked to sum up the days events Ferry chimed in “put it this way, we were feeling pretty good. Other than it taking three hours to get out of the parking lot, we were all pumped and Skynyrd  was awesome as usual.”


Eller was also not bashful when he offered his opinion, “ it was a classic day. Scotty Mac, aka Upper Body, hosted us at the Ponderosa (Scott’s house dubbed that by a wise-ass Liberal poster on CNB), providing Carmen’s hoagies, cold beverages and one napkin each.”


“Kind of a miracle”, Scotty Mac stated the event as being.  “I don’t think JimBoy had any idea he would be attending what basically could be described as a “Tea Party.”


“All for a good cause”, JimBoy quipped, to support families of those troops that were killed in action, making it all that more special.”


Eller has been president of the Gloucester City chapter of The Lynyrd Skynyrd fan club for over 30 years. One of his selfless duties is to be the designated driver for the group’s trip trips to concerts. “He abstains from partaking enough to obey the law and transport everyone safely,” adds MacAdams.


As a follow-up to the trip it should be noted that a special vote was held to addy Scotty Mac as a fifth member, and was approved by a vote count of 3-1, Elrod being the lone dissenter. “We didn’t take membership lightly, he said, adding, “The vote is under protest. One of our members, Wayne-O, called in his vote while we were all listening to Skynyrd on vinyl on my patio. Wayne-O has had reservations about Scott, so I think my wife Carol lied about his vote as she is the one who took Wayne-O’s vote over the phone.


Chucky “Bo” Bobo, the other charter member of the group, maintains that the only reason Elrod wanted to keep MacAdams out was because he would have to create all new banners.



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