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Black_puppy_walks Animal “Communicators”—Spend Your Money Wisely


   I work with dogs. There’s no secret about that. I also run workshops that address canine body language interpretation. However, there are individuals in our society that claim to be able to ‘translate’ your pet’s thoughts and ‘communicate’ with pets that have passed away. 

   I have taken the opportunity to talk to several of the individuals that claim to be able to channel an animal’s thoughts and I’ve tried to get them to admit that their claims are false. After years of fruitless investigation I came to this conclusion: these people believe in what they are doing and feel no qualms about charging the public lots and lots of money for their services. 

   Recently, one of my clients asked me if I knew anyone that could read her dog’s mind. I replied that I could read his body language and tell her how he was feeling in that way. It wasn’t enough for her and I have no doubt that she spent a small fortune seeking out a magical fix for her depressed dog. 

   My advice: look for a behaviorist, behavioral consultant, or speak with your veterinarian if you need help with your pet. And people that prey on the vulnerable by promising to contact the dead are unscrupulous and fraudulent. 

Next week’s topic will be your choice so send me an email with a topic you’d like to discuss! . As always Cleary’s notebook encourages dialogue so your comments are welcome! By the way, my interns from the Animal Behavior College (Desiree Dumm and Ashley Prem) and my apprentices from Brother of the Wolf (Kim Taylor and Kevin Taylor) are graduating today at 2:30 PM! I am so proud of their accomplishments! If you'd like to stop in to 700 Market Street in Gloucester City to cheer them on please do so! 

Wado, udohiyu, (thank you very much, in the Cherokee language)

Dawn Watson

Brother of the Wolf, LLC

700 Market St, Gloucester City NJ 08030