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ObamaCare: One Year of Broken Promises

March 23, 2011 | Posted by Speaker Boehner's Press Office | Permalink  


If there’s a constant in the story of ObamaCare, it’s broken promises,” House Speaker John Boehner says in a new video marking one year of the job-crushing health care law, and all its fewer jobs, higher costs, and reduced coverage.  Watch Boehner here:


As Boehner says in the video, “Instead of creating jobs, employers have been handed more uncertainty and more headaches. Instead of lower costs, families and small businesses are being squeezed even further. Instead of keeping what they like, millions are being forced off their coverage.”


It's no wonder that a majority of Americans opposed the law a year ago -- and still oppose it today.Republicans are listening and made a Pledge to America to repeal ObamaCare and replace itwith common-sense reforms that lower costs and protect jobs. 

Since January, the House has worked to keep that pledge and voted to fully repeal the $2.6 trillion health care law; to defund the law as part of H.R. 1; and to repeal the job-destroying 1099 small business mandate.  And last week, Speaker Boehner announced the House will soon vote to eliminate mandatory spending slush funds in ObamaCare. 

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P.S.  Scrapping ObamaCare is just one part of our pledge to end the uncertainty facing small businesses so they can start hiring again.  Republicans are also cutting spending to address ourjob-crushing debt burden, reining in excessive government regulations, and promoting the American Energy Initiative -- an ongoing effort to address rising gas prices and create new jobs by expanding American energy production and implementing an all-of-the-above energy strategy.  Click here to learn more and to "Like" the American Energy Initiative on Facebook