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Casino Employees Association Speaking Out for Members in Need


Image001 In these tough economic times, many Atlantic City Casinos are under financial pressure for multiple reasons, with healthcare playing a major role. As health care costs continue to rise and double every five years, the Casinos have been forced to lower their total insurance program costs by cutting employee hours and benefits. Most have already downsized significantly and some are planning to reduce full-time status employees to part-time status by April of this year. Unfortunately, this solution will leave hundreds if not thousands of casino employees and their families without affordable healthcare coverage. Without a group policy in place and reduced hours, these displaced individuals and their families will not be able to afford major medical insurance on their own. 



The Casino Employees Association, a new association based in Atlantic County, is speaking for these employees and it seems to have some promising solutions. 


“These are trying times for the Casinos and none of us can predict when things are going to get better. In the meantime, we need to find solutions that will keep as many casino employees employed and insured as possible.  Due to the massive downsizing of casino employees from full-time to part-time status, employee healthcare benefits will be eliminated and employee income will be reduced. 


The C.E.A. is concerned and is taking a proactive approach by leveraging its size & collective strength to provide its members with cost effective solutions to their most pressing problems. We are working with local staffing agencies and employers to find recently displaced casino employees’ work.  Our objective is to ‘Make Good Casino Employees Better’ by providing them the independent resources they need to be successful in the workplace.  We are looking forward to working with the Casinos to ensure their employees get the help they need to continue to do good work.” Said Anthony Ortiz, President of the Casino Employees Association.


Any casino employee interested in getting assistance should call them directly at 609-289-0710.  Their website is

Email is




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