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Executive Director of SJ Citizens United supports the call for the resignation of the Camden County GOP chairman

(Gloucester Township, NJ) – Active Republicans throughout Camden County circle are uniting 6a00d8341bf7d953ef0133f2089991970b-200wi and calling for the immediate resignation of the top county Republican. Those so far include the Pennsauken GOP club and GOP Mayor of Stratford. South Jersey Citizens United, a citizen’s group based in Gloucester Township now joins the call.   

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"This county organization is in complete shambles at a time when the Republican agenda of fighting waste, fraud, abuse is winning. In 2009 Gov Christie won statewide and that momentum carried over to the victories in Gloucester County in 2010. Just last week media reports indicated additional Burlington County Democrats were flipping over to Republican. I find it very peculiar the Camden County GOP organization is the only one not to see any improvement,” Tom Crone stated.

“I have been involved for a long time in and around Camden County Republican politics, and what nobody has really discussed in the big white elephant in the room, the fact that Mr. DeMichele has yet to build a viable party since he assumed the chairmanship more than four years ago. People show up at my monthly club meetings all the time feeling disenfranchised by the leadership of the Camden County Republican party, and many including myself, can’t help but think about the good that will come if we the Camden County GOP were a united and organized bunch. The fact is, after four years, regardless of what you had to work with, there comes a time where leadership must be judged on its results. This election year is far too important for the citizens of Camden County to be subject to another set of very poorly run races,” Mr. Crone stated. 

Mr. Crone concluded by stating, “Regardless of what Mr. DeMichele says and claims as success, the fact remains the Camden County Republicans have fallen woefully short in the past two years advocating, positioning and standing up publically against the Camden County Democrats. The Camden County Republicans have a legitimate responsibility to speak on behalf of its members and The People when something isn’t right. The fact is the Camden County GOP, in it’s current state, is a complete train wreck. Now is the time for the Camden County GOP to transition to new leadership.  If you think about, a transition done now can have a very exciting and unifying effect, particularly if everybody acts like adults. I’ll let others judge why the Camden County is a mess. In any political organization, if you are going to hold the other side accountable, one must also hold themselves accountable in the same light.”      




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