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State Aid for School Districts Released


Press Release

Further demonstrating his firm commitment to strengthening and reforming education in New Jersey, Governor Christie is providing an additional $250 million for New Jersey schools in his fiscal year 2012 budget. Aid figures released today by the Department of Education show an increase for every school district in the state. In addition, public charter schools will receive $4.6 million in additional funds – an increase of over 50 percent -- another indication of the Christie Administration's commitment to expanding high-quality public charter schools for New Jersey children.

“Last year, our state faced severe fiscal challenges, and we had to make some very difficult choices.  Reductions to education funding were among the most agonizing of those choices,” Governor Chris Christie said.  “Because of the foundation we set in last year's budget, and our responsible management of the state's finances, New Jersey is on firmer footing and we are able to put more funding into classrooms throughout New Jersey. However, more money on its own will not fix our education system. We must continue to vigorously pursue education reforms to fundamentally change public education, focused on achieving results for children, rewarding excellence in the classroom and demanding accountability throughout the system.”

Governor Christie has proposed a set of reforms to improve New Jersey’s public schools that challenge the status quo and move toward a system that demands accountability, rewards highly effective teachers, utilizes performance measures and ensures each and every child receives the quality education they deserve.

Details on the Governor’s education reform agenda are here:

“By increasing aid to every district, the Governor is showing a tremendous commitment to education funding in these still-challenging economic times, when most departments in state government are seeing spending cuts,” said acting Commissioner Chris Cerf.

Highlights of Governor Christie’s education budget include:

  • Every school district is receiving an increase in K – 12 state aid this year.
  • Approximately one quarter of a billion dollars of new money is being added to direct state aid.
  • About $219 million of that new money is being added to the school funding formula spending, an increase of 3.2 percent in K – 12 formula aid.
  • More than $11 million is being added to support expansion of the Interdistrict School Choice program.
  • Over $4 million is being added in state funding for public charter schools.
  • The total pre-school appropriation will not be reduced from the current spending level.
  • Non-public school funding will remain the same.

State aid figures for New Jersey’s school districts can be found at: