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Pennsauken GOP Club calls for the immediate resignation of Rick DeMichele as County GOP chairman


Pennsauken, NJ, February 24, 2011: The president of the Pennsauken GOP Club called for the immediate resignation of Rick DeMichele citing a variety issues including the fact that they have not been welcomed as a voice for some time.

“For Mr. DeMichele to continue in his current role is devastating, said Mr. Bill Chester, newly elected president of Pennsauken GOP. “Over the years, as an outsider, something never seemed quite right about the Republicans consistently losing. I often wondered why the Pennsauken Mart was never made into a bigger issue. It hasn’t taken me long to figure out why Camden County Republicans are perennial losers. The Camden County GOP loses, and will continue to lose because Mr. DeMichele has failed to garner support to energize the party base. Pennsauken is one of the largest towns in Camden County yet we have been excluded by Mr. DeMichele because he fails to recognize the value of collaboration, debate and the passion our Republican supporters bring to the table. In the era of the Tea Party, we were kicked out and replaced with a person we don’t even know or never met. It seems to me Mr. DeMichele is more interested in protecting his own turf instead of embracing a new voice. The same thing happened in Cherry Hill in 2009, so he has a record of packing the committee with his own opinion. “

Mr. Chester continued, “What I find most troubling is the absence of a voice on the things important to Pennsauken and the Republican constituency. When the City of Camden laid off the police and fire officers as a border town to Camden, Mr. DeMichele failed the people of Camden and Pennsauken by not voicing a single word of protest. These layoffs are a direct result of unconscionable mismanagement by the Camden County Democrats. More than ever, when our town needed a seat at the table, Mr. DeMichele was nowhere to be found. In lieu of speaking out, he instead posted our picture up on his blog in which Pennsauken is spelled wrong and one of the officers is omitted. That says a lot.”

“It seems to me if we were a baseball team, our manger would be fired after four years of producing a losing record”, stated Bill Chester. “It’s time for other Republicans to step up to the plate.”


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