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Stratford Republican Mayor supports the calls for Camden County GOP Chairman Resignation

press release


Camden County, February 23, 2011: Mayor Dr. John Gentless of Stratford today echoed the calls for the immediate resignation of Camden County GOP Richard DeMichele.

“There are less than a handful of republican Mayors in a county of 37 towns, boroughs and municipalities, and as a result, many question me how serious Mr. DeMichele is about implementing a serious play of action to win elections one town at a time. Given the historic victories of Republicans in 2009 and 2010 nationwide, and given my past experience as a candidate under this chairman, I see no way the Camden County Republicans will have a legitimate voice until he resigns. The 2009 and 2010 election results within Camden County, while others around us are making gains, just affirmed DeMichele’s track record of political failure. ”

Mayor Gentless continued, “Mr. DeMichele over the past two years has refused the free advice from those who know something about winning elections, and given the sorry state the Camden County Republican party is in, it makes me wonder if he has a real desire to challenge the Democrats and win elections. I can say this from firsthand experience as Mr. DeMichele has interfered in municipal races by trying to undercut the local Republican party, in the candidate selection process by creating chaos and even goes so far as to attempt to run primary opponents against his own incumbents. Thankfully, Mr. Levins and the Pennsauken GOP had the courage to make a public statement about the current state of health and direction of the Camden County GOP. It is important to take it a step further and ask for the entire Camden County GOP Executive Board to resign; after all the same people in place for years.”

Mayor Gentless concluded. “It’s important for everyone to understand this is nothing personal; rather this June will be five years Mr. DeMichele has been chairman without much to show for his leadership. One of the benefits under new leadership will be the ability to make the Camden County GOP a stronger, more unified voice. The organization has a lot of pent up frustrations over the past several years. What makes the frustration grow is we have become a weaker, not stronger, party. The fact is there are college Republican clubs stronger and more organized then the Camden County GOP. Everyday voters seek a new direction around here. A new launch of Camden County GOP ahead of the 2011 election is what this doctor orders, and with it comes a new strategy, a new voice and new ideas. We are going to build a winning organization. It is reasonable for Mr. DeMichele to leave now.”