Gloucester City Council Jan. 27 Meeting Agenda

Welcome Home From Afghanistan SMSGT Bubba Beason

       SMSGT Bubba Beason

    Friday, January 28, 2011
  Approx. 7:45am (coming from airport) 60soldier
  American Legion Post 372
                 1532 Martin Ave.
                 Cherry Hill NJ 08002
Contact: Mike (Yellow Ribbon Club) 609-980-4172
                 Sue (American Legion) 856-495-7270
                 Tiny (WWR) 856-889-6724
From the WWR:
“Bubba (WildMan) Beason is coming home from his 7th TOUR in the sandbox. Yep, you heard it and read correctly…not a typo…7 times this hero has been in the sandbox protecting our freedoms and way of life. In case you don’t know who this hero is, SMSGT Bubba Beason is the Founder of the NJ Run for the Fallen which he started 3 years ago and has been running ever since. 
His latest endeavor has taken the nick name we coined on him (Wild Man) to a whole new level. It seems Bubba got bored in Afghanistan and decided to run a mile for every military KIA in Iraq or Afghanistan. So far he has close to 900 miles logged. You don’t wonder why we call him Wild Man now, huh? “
From the Yellow Ribbon Club:
We have been shipping goodies to Bubba throughout his deployment. Not for any other reason but to show our support to him and his comrades. We do not expect anything in return EVER as we just like to show our gratitude to those who defend our freedom. Well, Bubba not only emails us while deployed but he also sent us a certificate of appreciation and an American Flag that was flown in Afghanistan in honor of ALL who support the efforts of the YRC. That means ALL OF YOU who support our troops through supporting our missions. 
Also, at last years Run for the Fallen, Bubba not only did the 2 day run but when he arrived up at the New York line he broke off and ran the Tunnel to Tunnel Run, carrying full gear, in honor of the firemen who were killed on 9/11. (You can see the Tunnel to Tunnel Run on their website). He was dehydrated from running more than 150 miles so he was given IV fluids and continued running. He never stopped.
This young man takes our country, our troops, our fire fighters and police very seriously and will likely honor all of them in huge ways for the rest of his life. THAT IS WHAT HE DOES! 
So hear is what we can all do for him. PLEASE come join the WWR, YRC, American Legion, and Cherry Hill Township in welcoming home one of our most courageous people. All you need to do is come to the American legion and proudly hold an American Flag, or Cheer on Bubba as he is brought safely to Cherry Hill where he will be honored for his service and welcomed home from his 7th tour. 

Media Welcome at EVERYONES request

The Yellow Ribbon Club


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