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Roving Rita's Restaurant Review: Whata Weiner

 Hot_dog    I must admit, gentle readers, that I only experienced Whata Weiner as a delivered meal. Miss Rita is getting far too fragile to traverse the icy streets of our fair city, at night. Therefore, I decided to experience the flavor at home.

   I ordered several of their specialties and took a generous taste of each dish. I felt it was important to mention this because previously, I was accused of being 'bloated' and thus unable to do justice with my now-famous palate-related column. And so, with much forethought I am spending a quiet Friday evening writing to you, dear friends, about my culinary experience.

   The cheese steak I ordered was indescribable because it was was nondescript: there was nothing 'different' or 'special' about it. However, the wings (honey barbecue) were delicious, meaty, tender, and reminiscent of the General's Chicken one might find at any good Chinese restaurant. The fries, served with their skins on, were unappetizing at best. I will mention that it is almost impossible to serve french fries in an elegant manner with a take-out order. Nonetheless, these were exceptionally unappealing.

   Lest you think my evening was sullied by unacceptable food, do not fear--the chili cheese dog deserves its own column, or at least its own paragraph!

   The roll on the chili-cheese dog was soft as a cloud and still warm after being driven across town. The cheese was melted, sweet, and perfectly proportioned. The chili was obviously home-made and seasoned to perfection. And the 'weiner' was round,  snappy, and an absolute mouthful of wonder. All in all, this was the most perfect chili cheese dog I have ever eaten! When next I order from this establishment I shall order at least three of the aforementioned and become as bloated as I please!

   All in all, at least as a take-out order, What a Weiner ranks the following, from a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest rating:

Creativity: 4

Taste: 4, with an extra half-point for the chili cheese dog

Delivery time: from phone order to door--about 20 minutes

Cost: very reasonable

I recommend this eatery to all that enjoy a reasonable-priced, tasty but casual meal.

With Culinary Kudos,