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Jack Walker Should You Breed Your Dog? 

  Fido is a show-stopper: glistening coat, sixteen pedigrees, DNA-approved. He turns 6 months of age and now, the big question—does he get the “Big Boy” surgery or doesn’t he? 

  Some folks dream of mating their male dogs, cashing in on an enormous stud fee, and taking the pick of the litter home for bragging rights. Others think fondly about mating Miss Fifi and watching as she tenderly cares for her little ones, then interviewing kind-hearted people as they come, bucks in hand, to pick out their puppies. “My dog just died, you see, and this little one reminds me so much of her…” fills the air and the exchange of money is only half the thrill. 


  Flash forward to the hundreds of breed-specific rescue groups trying to find homes for pure-bred dogs given up by their families. Or, for a two-hankie scene, walk into any animal shelter and listen to the wails and screams of the canine captives languishing there, possibly wondering how the heck they got there in the first place. 

  Also, you don’t always get to keep that pick of the litter when you breed a male dog and Fifi doesn’t always instinctively love her puppies. In addition, Fifi may need a well-fitted bra or two (or three or four) for the rest of her life after giving birth. (I will make no comment on my shape after having children. I am a lady, after all.) 

 So think real hard before you breed that canine-equivalent with a blood line that can be traced back to Queen Victoria’s hounds; there just may be a reason or two to take Fido for his “Big Boy” surgery, after all. 

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Pictured: Jack Walker, adopted by a wonderful lady from Crested Guardians rescue. Rest in peace, Jackie-Boy. There are many breed-specific rescue groups out there: Please adopt!