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My Colonoscopy Operation in Japan



Commentary by Hank F.Miller Jr.


This was an overwhelming experience that was a pleasurable instead of a dreary one, I have  6a00d8341bf7d953ef01156ff02a98970c-800wi been admitted to Japanese hospital before several years ago. But this had some pain and unpleasant times as every operation has but it was minor.

On October 9, 2009 I went to hospital for my yearly check one of the procedures was that I see a doctor of Gastroenterology.The doctor explained to Keiko and I regarding the colonoscopy check, procedure to us then he gave us papers with written information regarding the procedure to be used.

He did the colon check and found that I had a polyp and he requested that I return one year later to see if it had grown. 

Well I went back after the year and another check was performed and the doctor found that the poylp had spread into three areas of my intestine. An appointment was scheduled for me to be admitted to hospital for the colonoscopy surgery procedure scheduled on January 17. Well the procedure was performed and the polyps were removed and no cancer was found.


The treatment was excellent throughout my stay of 4 days by the staff of doctors and nurses, as was the meals to I was completely satisfied. I was released one week ago on Thursday January 21.


When my wife Keiko arrived we went to pay the bill and was astonished to find it so extremely cheap.  For the operation, medical treatment medication etc, meals included, with no room charge were Operation Japanese yen 21,780 -U.S. dollars $ 256, meals Japanese yen 1,560-U.S.D $18 for 4 days. With no room charge or charges for any other care that was given during my stay .


At my age of 74 and being a senior citizen I get a 20% DISCOUNT. 


In Japan with the National Health Insurance Scheme.This is Socialized Medician.Discounts are given over the age of 70, for all medical and dental care including prescriptions for medicine at reasonable prices.


It doesn't have anything to do with Communistic or Socialistic systems, as I read that some people in the States believe it is when given cheap and affordable Health Care to its citizens.


Below the age of 70 years old in Japan,an insurance card holder gets a 30 % discount for all medical and dental care plus prescriptions for medicine given at a reasonable price.

We have a family plan and pay $ 2,000 U.S. dollars per year for myself, my wife, and our 3 children no matter their ages. Lucas  our son is 28 years old, and in the U.S. Army deployed in Afghanistan.

Max our son is 25 years old and was a U.S. Marine but now is in the U.S.Army National Guard of Oregon deployed in Iraq. Our daughter Rachel is student at Portland State University.

Thus have all benefited from this National Health Insurance of Japan.


We registered for the National Health Insurance  Scheme  when we married 31 years ago.

We used this system for pre natal care,child birth and post natal care throughout the children’s life with all medical at low coast and reasonable prices. Since our sons are living and married in the States we have dropped them from the Japanese National Medical Insurance scheme.


I certainly hope that in the United States, My home country  the politicians can stop bickering over such as the health care system in place now and  start working together to build it up and make it more useful accessible and affordable to all of our citizens.


Warm Regards  with  Best Wishes for everybody to have a much more happier and healthier life style.

From Kitakyushu City ,Japan

Hank ,Keiko & The Miller Family    


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