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January School Board Recognition Month

By Anthony Wojtkowiak

Gloucester City News

  January is School Board Recognition Month in New Jersey, which the Gloucester City Board of Education (BOE) noted during last week’s meeting.

  Superintendent Paul Spaventa read the proclamation resolving “that the Gloucester City Board of Education, does hereby recognize the services of local school board members throughout New Jersey as we join communities statewide in observing January 2011 as School Board Recognition Month;

  “And, be it further resolved that the Gloucester City Board of Education urges all New Jersey citizens to work with their local boards of education and public school staffs toward the improvement of our children’s education. “

  Spaventa also recognized the charitable efforts of students and staff in Gloucester City.

  The superintendent’s recommendations for students, personnel, workshops, field trips, and fundraising were approved unanimously, and there was a staff payment correction in his report.

  Board Administrator/Sec-retary Margaret McDonnell said a dance chaperone was accidentally overpaid by 17 cents through a resolution passed at the December 14 BOE meeting.

  Payroll disburses payment precisely, according to the resolutions passed by the BOE. The overpayment was amended, and the 17 cents will be reclaimed.

  The administrator’s reports for January 2011 were approved unanimously.

  Kathy McHugh abstained from voting on the minutes pertaining to the school board’s December caucus meeting. Her abstention was in accordance with the school board’s code of ethics, policy number 9271, under which all of the state’s school districts are accountable.

  McDonnell read a recommendation that the board “approve an emergency contract with Joric Electrical to provide electrical repair services at Gloucester City High School in an amount not to exceed $7,000.”

  This and 10 other financial actions were approved by the board unanimously.

  There were no student speakers at the meeting due to the snow.

  Member Patrick Hagan was late to the meeting, arriving at 7:07pm, and Board Member Linda Bittmann was absent. The meeting started at about 7:01 p.m., and adjourned at 7:26 p.m.