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Former Freeholder candidate seeks resignation of Camden Mayor Dana Redd and Freeholders

(Camden, NJ) - Former 2010 Republican candidate for Camden County Freeholder Scot DeCristofaro joined the call for a public safety solution and calls for a broad sweep of resignation as poor policy, planning and political leadership and management cumulates in a catastrophic decision to layoff police officers and firefighters first.

"Given the economy has been in a perilous condition for more than 20 months this day was bound to come, "Scot DeCristofaro said. "For Mayor Redd and the Camden County Freeholders, which has controlled all seven seats for nearly two decades, to lay the woes of Camden at the feet at anybody other than their own is reprehensible. These layoffs are a direct result of inept leadership, and as a result, it put the citizens of camden City and County and its public servants in uniform in a most dangerous position. This decision to "layoff first" was completely avoidable.

"If Mayor Redd really wants to be a leader, she would call for the end of elaborate salaries; call for the nepotism; address the rampant fiscal mismanagement within the City and County; and seek true professionals to build new revenue streams. If the camden County Freeholders want to do the right thing, they would lead by example and start by seeking to raise revenue to reappoint as many men and women in the police and fire departments as possible. They can start by accepting a $1 salary, giving back the perk of free healthcare for life and reducing the size of government. For Freeholder Ed McDonnell to hold two county positions and draw nearly $200,000 in combined salary while nearly half of the Camden police department is being laid off is preposterous. This is what happens when there are ZERO checks and balances in

Scot DeCristofaro continued, "Residents of camden County, and particularly business owners already pay some of the highest taxes in the United States. Then to add insult to injury, the career and recycled politicians penalize the stakeholders of Camden County by making the City and County of Camden even more unsafe. It is clear the entire political governing body that comprises the City of camden, the Freeholder board and the fifth and sixth legislative districts, and a multitude of other political appointees must be purged. Two decades of fostering a selfish political culture led to these layoffs. Once this crisis is properly addressed, it would be appropriate for each Freeholder and member of the 5th and 6th legislative district to resign. Make no mistake, each of these career politicians work together, and as a result, are culpable in the reckless decision to layoff police officers and firefighters first. I'm not going to hold my breath."

 "I know what would happen today if I sat on the Freeholder", DeCristofaro concluded.

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