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Civil Service Commission Approves Request to Postpone Layoffs for 61 Firefighters


Extension Granted to Implement Layoffs on February 7, 2011 


TRENTON-The City of Trenton requested an extension December 31, from the New Jersey Civil Service Commission to postpone layoffs scheduled for 61 employees of Trenton’s Fire Department.  Layoffs were initially postponed on November 5, and on December 29, the City of Trenton received approval to extend the layoff date to February 7, 2011.“The administration sought special approval from the Commission to extend the lay-off date past the prescribed 120-day approved time frame due to the assessed adverse effect on the public’s safety.


The administration is committed to protecting the integrity of the fire department, and will continue to aggressively pursue all other revenue streams,” stated Mayor Mack.Due to the scheduled layoffs, three firehouses are in danger of closing. The full complement of the fire department pursuant to ordinance is 252 employees, however due to attrition and budgetary restraints personnel were reduced by 31 positions to 221 employees.  Thus, with the loss of 61 firefighters, the City is in a precarious position.  The City’s administration will continue to aggressively seek federal funding through the SAFER grant to alleviate the pending layoffs altogether.


However, until a formal award is announced, the City of Trenton will move forward with layoffs on February 7, 2011.