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Brother of the Wolf Stresses Responsible Pet Ownership

 Girls   Local Girl Scout troop #309642 was visited by Dawn Watson, owner of Brother of the Wolf, LLC, at its Wednesday night meeting. The training school opened last year and its owner often does public speaking on a variety of dog-related topics.

   Headed by Girl Scout leaders Theresa Ritchie, Coleen Pitman, Chris Gurcik, Beth Rudderow, and Jen Bigwood, the troop listened as "The Dog Lady" spoke about dogs' health and well-being.

   "You're never too young to learn how to care for a pet," Ms. Watson said. "I have a program that teaches 10-13 year olds how to safely handle dogs. These skills can be used while caring for the family pet or to obtain employment as a dog walker or pet sitter.

    I also let the kids know that adopting from a shelter or a rescue group saves lives, too. I hope that the girls will stay in touch with pet-related questions or take a class or two from me. This is a wonderful group of young people and I was honored to speak to them."

   Troop #30942 is at the 'Junior' level: Girls in grades 5 and 6 and that live in Gloucester City are eligible to join. They meet at a local church.

   Brother of the Wolf can be reached by calling 856.349.2508 or by emailing

Pictured: Members of Girl Scout troop 30942 pose with "The Dog Lady"