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Pet Tip of the Week

Jack Walker How to Recognize Parasites

   There are four main types of worms, each of which live in the dog’s intestine and feed on undigested food there. Roundworms are the most common in puppies; almost every puppy is born with them present. They look a little like a rubber band and can be several inches long. They are spread through the environment and other dogs’ feces, which is another reason why people that fail to pick up their dog’s waste should be fined. 

   Several types of tapeworm can afflict dogs. The most common lives in the dog’s small intestine where it attaches its head to the lining. As it grows, new sections are added so that by the time it is visible to the human eye it resembles a string of white grains of rice joined together. 

   Hookworms are less common than roundworms and feed on the dog’s blood. They can cause anemia.

   Whipworms are thread-like parasites that live in the colon and small intestine. They are transmitted via eggs that have infested a dog’s feces and can only be passed on to dogs that ingest them directly. These too are bloodsuckers and, if present in large numbers in a dog, can cause bloody diarrhea and lead to significant weight loss. Whipworms do not produce many eggs and are trickier to diagnose. 

   This information was gleaned from the Internet and transposed from U. K. English into American English. The author is Garry Jenkins. 

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Pictured: "Jack Walker" was recently adopted by his foster mother. She is a volunteer with Crested Guardians, a rescue group for Chinese Crested and Crested-mix dogs. Jack has several physical problems as well as a tumor. God bless the kindhearted lady that chose to give Jack his Christmas wish--a Forever Home!