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Hunting and Fishing: Video of Hunters helping Bucks Locked in Battle


Two deer in rut are fighting a battle over territory when some hunters out in the field bird hunting come upon the two combatants on a frozen lake with their horns locked together.

Over the course of 10 minutes the hunters try to separate the bucks using a large stick. Towards the end of the film clip one of the men decides to shoot a blast of shotgun pellets to break the horn of the deer. 

Does his idea work?

Do the bucks live to fight another day?

This is a rare sight, seeing bucks battle this way.  Normally this happens at night when deer are most active. Many a hunter would love to witness something like this just once in a life time. Kudos to these individuals for helping the deer.

~Bill Cleary

Film clip submitted by George Cleary

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