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Aqua String Band of Philadelphia Mummer's Fame Prepares for 90th Parade

 photo Aqua String Band 2010 Mummers Parade

 The Aqua String Band will be parading in their 90th Mummers Day Parade this Aqua String Band year. The Band was organized on April 2, 1920 by Elmer W. Leyrer and Fred J. Kesel, Sr. and incorporated into the String Band Association in 1945. It was Mr. Kesel who first introduced the glockenspiel (bells) into the Mummers' Parade where they have remained a constant fixture ever since.

The name “Aqua” is a reflection on the life and times of the United States during the Band’s birth. Latin for the word water, "Aqua" was chosen as an ironic reference to the then raging controversy over Prohibition – “aqua” being the only legal drink at the time.

The Band has never missed a New Year's Day Parade since the time they first stepped onto “The Street” (as Broad Street is familiarly known among those in the tradition); this makes Aqua not only one of the oldest, but also one of the most consistent bands in the Parade. Known for presenting original and creative themes, Aqua holds the record for the highest points ever scored in the New Year's Day Parade with a 99.9 from their First Place finish in 1960.

Spokesman Ron Iaconne said the Band's Theme this year is "Aqua Has A Peel".

Continuing he said,  "The Aqua String Band is going “out on a limb” and is “ripe” for the picking. Enjoy our “fresh” and “apeeling” apples, strawberries, grapes, bananas, and oranges as we put them in the “lime” light for a “berry” exciting tribute to our favorite musical fruits! "


␣ GRAPE SUIT: Your “grape” expectations have been met with suits filled with grapevines, leaves, and bunches of grapes.

␣ ORANGE-LIME SUIT: Take a slice out of life with these sub- “lime” and orange split fruit suits.

␣ BANANA SUIT: You will “go bananas” over these a- peeling black, green, and yellow pinstripe suits.

␣ STAWBERRY SUIT: These suits are sure to get themselves in a jam! A Dr. Seuss inspired strawberry hat is complimented with swirls and ruffles.

␣ APPLE SUIT: Theses suits are the apple of your eye! Their dimensional green apple hats are surrounded by a floating red apple peel.

Musical Highlights:

␣ Yes! We Have No Bananas ␣ Raspberry Beret ␣ Chiquita Banana Theme ␣ One Bad Apple

␣ I Heard It Through the Grapevine ␣ Orange Colored Sky

␣ Strawberry Fields Forever ␣ Who’s In the Strawberry Patch With Sally ␣ Strawberries Raspberries Polka ␣ Orange Blossom Special ␣ Tangerine.

photo Aqua String 2010 Mummers Parade


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