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Little Dog Found: Story of an Angel

TJ and Grandmom

A puppy mill bust in Arkansas. The rescue of a little dog, one of many, that had spent her life in a crate. The transport to New Jersey to the home of a foster family that would care for her until she would find her Forever Home. She arrived on Tuesday, November 9.

The little dog, nicknamed "Angel",  is taken outside for a game of catch with her foster mother and suddenly, she escapes, dragging her leash behind her. That was Saturday, November 13.

   A frantic phone call later and the search was on. Posters, flyers, phone calls, hiring search companies, setting a humane trap overnight. And the ground search, done by the foster mother, her mother, and two other women involved with the group.

   Nights were the worst. Lying in bed, listening to the wind howl, thinking  the little dog must be terrified, cold, hungry.

   Coyotes. The word strikes terror in the hearts of those searching and praying for her. She's so little; please God, watch over her.

   Wednesday arrives. Angel has been missing for almost 5 days. She can't possibly have survived. Such a little girl, and it's been so cold.

   Then, a miracle happens: a call to the president of the rescue organization from the company that microchipped the little dog! Another call to one of the searchers. And another to the woman that found the little girl hobbling through her yard, still dragging her leash.

   The drive there seemed to take forever. Taking the bedraggled, shivering little ball of mats and ticks into loving arms. And the tears of the rescuers just wouldn't stop.

   After a good meal and a warm bath, the little dog rests in a blanket, in a warm human embrace. She'll go to the vet for sure, but not now. For now, we just want to hold her, tell her we love her, say a prayer that she is here, safe at last.

   Today is Thursday and the little dog has been safe and warm for 16 hours. The angels watched over her for 5 whole days; kept her away from traffic, coyotes, abuse. Now, she is in search of a Forever Home to call her own. One that will love her and keep her safe, always.

   If you are interested in this dog or any other Chinese Crested, Crested mix, or small breed, please contact Bald is Beautiful K9 Rescue or call Brother of the Wolf at 856.349.2508.

Pictured: Wanda "Grandmom" Pierce cuddles  Angel after her ordeal.