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Remembering Uncle Joe Barron, American War Hero



Commentary by Hank F. Miller Jr.


P1050073 Here are some photo's of my uncle Joe Barron's banner displayed on Broadway in Gloucester City on Veterans Day.


The people in the photo are my aunt Sally Miller my uncle Joe's sister, her daughter Cathy, her granddaughter and great granddaughter. Sue, Anne, and brothers Denny, Jack, Joe, and Michael Barron. This information was sent to me today by Michael Barron my cousin of the Barron Iron Works of Gloucester,City.


Uncle Joe Barron is sadly missed by all the members of our extended family. I really miss my close family ties also and very good friends back in Gloucester City. But through the use of the computer we still manage to stay in touch all these years.

 A Brief History:

 Uncle Joe's ship the air craft carrier U.S.S. Franklyn C.V.A 13, was hit by several

P1050071 Japanese bomb blast and was attacked by a Kamikaze plane crashing into the mid-ships flight deck. Ffires raged as well as a badly damaged flight deck was being repaired.


Uncle Joe was a Shipfitter 2/c, and thus a member of the damage control group assigned to fight fires and make necessary repairs and to maintain water tight integrity throughout the ship.


The ship was underway when it was attacked in the Sea of Japan. Ironically the attack took place only 23 miles from where I presently live here in Kitakyushu City, Japan.

I found this out several years ago about the location that my uncle Joe Barron ship was attacked from my brother Joe Miller who lives on South Burdsall avenue, Gloucester City.


This week Joe, who is battling cancer, was sent home by the doctors at Underwood Hospital, Woodbury. Please keep him in your prayers.


My family and I only live 10 minutes drive from the Sea of Japan and we go there very often to swim and enjoy the seaside.While there we always say a few prayers for the sailors and Marines who perished there during the war.The battle that took place from Kitakyushu to Okinawa was one of the bloodiest last ditch efforts by Japanese forces our naval forces were knocking on their homeland's door.


At the time I came here to Kitakyushu City to live and to work I never thought that this could be the area near where my,uncle Joe Barron met his fate as did so many brave sailors and Marines during WW11. Keiko and I never thought that this could be the place near where my uncle Joe's ship was attacked. Who would ever think we would end up here to start our family and raise three really great kids and start our business.

I Have been in Japan 33 years, my wife Keiko and I have been married for 30 years and we're very happy we work together at our family business The Miller English School Japan.


Warm Regards from Kitakyushu City, Japan 


Hank F. Miller Jr.


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