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To the Governor of NJ, State Legislators, Camden County Freeholders, Brooklawn Mayor and Borough Council



Recently my neighborhood was re assessed and on this past Friday I received the 6a00d8341bf7d953ef011570df48d6970c-800wi information that has caused myself some concern. The Camden County Board of taxation has doubled the assessed value of my house which now has added well over 500.00 dollars a year to my property tax bill. This is totally beyond acceptability considering I have been working since I was 16 served 4 years in the US navy and have never been a burden to the system (employed for 30 years). I find it very hard to keep my loyalties to New Jersey when year after year Taxes grow faster than any salary increase I have ever had the opportunity to acquire.

Something needs to be done here.

 I have made a appointment to review this issue on Wednesday the 17th locally in my town with the Tax Assessors.

 I understand the game that is being played here since the Property Tax Bill was past limiting the rate increase to 2% per year, So why not raise the values of the property right?


As a constituent and voter I wanted to bring my opinion and concerns to your' attention.


Best Regards,


Patrick Theckston




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