Gloucester City Firemen Respond to Call
Residents Complained about "Drug Activity" Near Charles J. Sauter Jr. Park






CHEER to the Gloucester City School District Department of Special Services (that’s Special Ed) who work tirelessly to help the children and their families. They are trying to build up a “Parents Helping Parents” group with regular meetings for parents to get together to hear pertinent information. Unfortunately, time and again, very few parents come out to these meetings, and their time and energies are for naught. signed a Parent


JEER to the many who don’t seem to know rules of the road. I frequently find that drivers stopped at intersections such as Monmouth and Broadway do not seem to know that those going straight have the right of way before left-turners.  Also, at three- and four-way stops, drivers don’t remember that the person on the right goes first and then counterclockwise around the intersection. This holds true at the intersection of Johnson and Hudson/Nicholson. Those on Johnson should take turns, even when one is turning left.   signed Anonymous


CHEER- Robert Nark, a chemistry teacher at GCHS for 40 years is this year’s recipient of the John and Jackie O’Donnell Award. Mary Ann Nunes, Denise Reed and Maureen Crocker received the Dr. Frank & Catherine Kelly Award; the Thomas Stewart III Award recipient was Steve Burkhardt. The awards are presented by the Rams Alumni Assn.


JEER to the Camden Country employed driver that operates the street sweeper on Broadway for ignoring the laws of the state while talking on a cell phone while he was actively operating the street sweeper. If those state laws apply to the general population, they should apply to county workers of the state as well.


JEER-A bigger government generates more regulation, and more regulation generates a bigger government. The health care reform law for instance creates 159 new subagencies, committees, bureaus and commissions. Likewise the financial overhaul passed in mid 2010 creates 243 federal authorities. According to the Washington Post analysis, between 100,000 and 250,000 new government employees are needed to meet the growing demands of our super sized government. source The American Legion magazine


CHEER-Gloucester City High School’s principal, Dr. Jack Don was inducted into the Temple University Athletic Hall of Fame on Oct. 16. A standout on the diamond as well as in the classroom, Jack Don (1971-73) earned team MVP honors with team highs in batting average (.376) and RBI (35) as a senior in 1973. He also became the only Temple baseball player to earn First Team Academic All-America honors.  

JEER- The fate of the new Gloucester City Middle School is still in a holding pattern, as the administration of Governor Chris Christie awaits a report from the Schools Development Authority (SDA) about what projects to pursue. The project has been delayed long enough either build it or return the property to the City. The ground could be sold to the Diocese of Camden for use as the new home for Gloucester Catholic HS. 

JEER-The turmoil caused by the contract negotiations between the City of Gloucester City and the firefighters union, Local 51 and 251 that has disrupted this community for over  three years came roaring back in October. Sadly the two sides broke off negotiations and trashed a tenative agreement reached on June 30. The City has moved ahead with their plans to layoff 8 firefighters as the matter is now being reviewed by an arbitrator.

CHEER-Danielle M. Kovach, a special education teacher in the Hopatcong School District in Sussex County, was named the 2010-11 New Jersey Teacher of the Year. Kovach is in her 11th year of teaching in the Hopatcong School District.


JEER-Former Bellmawr Park PTO President April Virelli resigned from her post after admitting to taking $5,000 from the organization. When questioned by Bellmawr detectives, Virelli confessed to taking about $5,000 and agreed to make full restitution.


 JEER-For the second year in a row, the nearly 54 million retirees and other Americans who receive Social Security benefits will not get any cost-of-living increase in 2011 in their monthly checks, government officials announced Friday morning. The absence of any growth in Social Security checks for consecutive years is unprecedented in the 3 1/2 decades that payments have been automatically adjusted according to the nation's inflation rate.

 CHEER-The Westville Environmental Commission was selected to receive an ANJEC Environmental Award. Chairperson Joyce Lovell said the award was given for the Commission’s successful work in the “Build a Bank Soil Erosion” control project.


CHEER-Gloucester City Gardening & Beautification Association decorated downtown Broadway this past month with corn stalks on utility poles held in place with big orange ribbons. A great addition to the city’s main thorofare.  

KUDOS to Dan Reader who took his own time and money to paint the fence around the Lane Avenue playground. When it comes to community projects Dan not only talks the talk but also walks the walk. He also helped with the community garden projects and last winter he shoveled the snow off the sidewalks surrounding the Lane Avenue playground. 

JEER-A recent audit of the New Jersey Turnpike Authority revealed bonuses for shoveling snow or working on a birthday. Public toll dollars used to pay for an employee bowling league. Free E-ZPass transponders for the commute to and from work.  The audit by the state comptroller found $43 million in waste at the New Jersey Turnpike Authority during the heart of the Great Recession in 2008-09. Much of the waste followed toll hikes at the end of 2008, state Comptroller Matthew Boxer said. "While tolls are going up, the Turnpike Authority is overpaying its employees, overpaying its management, overpaying for its health plan and overpaying for legal services."


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