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Westville: East Olive Street Will Receive a "Face Lift"

By Sara Martino

Gloucester City News

  Westville Council approved several ordinances and resolutions last week that will enable work 6a00d8341bf7d953ef0120a58dd721970b-pi to proceed on improvement projects on roads in the borough.   One bond ordinance will appropriate $220,000 towards construction of 1,192 feet of roadway construction on East Olive Street.   A general obligation bond or bond anticipation note in the aggregate principal amount of up to $42,750 was approved for the project.

  The work will take place on Olive Street from Delsea Drive towards Boundary Lane, working towards the railroad tracks, and will include the placement of sidewalks where needed.


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  After review of bids, Council awarded a contract for the concrete work on Olive Street to LEXA Concrete, LLC of Vineland. They were the low bidder at $181,354.15, which includes an alternate amount of $28,760.85.

  Councilman William Re-bel asked about the traffic signal wires underneath Olive Street.

  Borough Engineer Norm Rodgers said the wires were addressed in the construction details and the N.J. Department of Transportation gave their approval for the needed construction.

  A resolution was approved after review of bids and recommendation by the borough solicitor, John Alice, to accept the bid submitted by H.A. DeHart and Sons for the purchase of a sewer jetter in the amount of $304,887.

  “DeHart submitted a proper application. Other bids did not meet the required specifications and had some equipment lacking in the bid amount,” Alice said.

  A resolution to approve appropriation transfers in the amount of $8375 to pay some outstanding bills was approved as requested by John Bruno, chief financial officer.

  During the public forum, Virginia Horn, questioned why a tattoo parlor has opened on Broadway.

  “Westville’s motto is ‘The Gateway to South Jersey.’ Is this how we want to be seen? Is there any review or oversight?” she asked.

  “Can the Downtown Preservation Committee make recommendations as to what business can be included in the business area? This is not what kind of business I would like to represent Westville. It affects the aesthetic value of the town,” she said.

  The solicitor and Borough Administrator William Bittner said that the business was a permitted use.

  “We hear complaints that there is not enough business in town, and now complaints when we do have a new business,” Bittner said.

  A resident complained about the excessive speed of cars at Spruce and High streets who go airborne over the dip in the road.

  Mayor Russell Welsh asked the police chief to conduct a traffic study in that area.

  Also, en elderly gentleman said his and his wife’s health is being affected by youths who create disturbances and damages near his home on Cedar Avenue.

  Mayor Welsh said the police department will look into the complaints.