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WELCOME TO THE WORLD Kenji Michael Miller


Commentary by Hank F. Miller Jr.
Photo: Kelsey, Jammie Berhelst, (Caitlin's mother) and Rachjel Miller, Caitlin and baby Kenji Michael Miller. 

Max and Caitlin Miller are proud to announce the birth of their son, Kenji Michael Miller, born Thursday, October 14th, 2010.  Time of birth 1:04 a.m., weight 4 lbs.4 oz. born at O.H.S.U.(Oregon Health & Science University) Portland, Oregon. He is only 33 weeks old, 7 weeks premature, but doing very well. The proud grand parents are Hank & Keiko Miller, of Kitakyushu City, Japan and Michael and Jammie Berhelst of Dundee,Oregon 
The father our son Max (photo) is presently in Mississippi preparing to deploy to Iraq once again in the first part of November. His assigned P1010105-1 duty is with a security and training group. Caitlin's doctor contacted the American Red Cross so that Max could come to be at Caitlin side. But his commanding officer refused to permit him to attend the birth of his son. Caitlins mother Jammie and sister Kelsey and Rachel spent all night at the hospital awaiting Kenji's birth by c-section, everyone was so exhausted but happy and elated in the end.

Our daughter Rachel took many pictures of the delivery and Max's friends P1010029-1 father set up a computer handy cam so Max had the chance to see the birth of his son Kenji.  In the end he at least got to view Kenji's birth and everything that took place during the birth."Caitlin has a slight heart problem and it was a very worry some time for everyone". But the birth went very well Caitlin and Kenji were in good health. The baby must remain in the hospital for about three weeks or so till he gains more strength and weight.
Our other son Lucas is married and his wife Raeanna is remaining in Honolulu, Hawaii.Lucas is a Sergeant and is presently in Kuwait for about one more week for training. It's a new assignment and group he'll be joining, in Honolulu he was with the 26th Infantry at Schofield Bks. He was chosen to join a personal Security group in Afghanistan his last deployment was in Iraq. The group he'll be assigned to is made up of Navy, Marines, Army and Air Force personal. We do not have his assigned address as of yet or any other information. We're awaiting to hear from him at the moment, when we hear anything we'll let you all know.

Rachel is presently attending Portland State University in Oregon. She is majoring in International Business & Economics. She was present at the hospital most of the time keeping us posted on the birth of Kenji along with pictures , telephoning etc.
Warm Regards,from proud and happy grandparents in Kitakyushu City, Japan.
Hank & Keiko Miller

 Note: Hank is a former resident of Gloucester City NJ who lives in Japan. His column When East Meets West has been a regular fixture on CNB for 4 years.

Photo Kenji Michael Miller