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Welcome Home & Thank You For Your Service SFC Lewis Nichols (also WWR rider)


Who:      SFC Lewis Nichols (also WWR rider) Garfieldodieheliumballoon.jpg
When:    Friday, October 29, 2010
Time:    ETA 5:45 PM
Where:   Venice Plaza
Contact: Leslie (YRC) 609-980-4175
We have a special request/event going on this Friday. A long overdue homecoming for an honored guest as well as 5 soldiers who will be in attendance. 
SFC Nichols is getting married Friday. He will be getting his overdue Welcome Back From Iraq from the WWR and YRC, but there are also 5 of his friends who also served in Iraq at some point and did not get a welcome home either. So we will be doing a BIG BANG of a welcome home at SFC reception. His bio is as follows:
SFC Lewis Nichols has been in the Army for 26 years. He was drafted in 1972 for Vietnam War. After his tour he became a civilian for the next 13 years. The Army recalled him in 1986 and that started his military career. He has been around the world in many different capacities. Most notable was serving in Kosovo and Iraq. In Iraq, he was in charge of military escorts for civilians traveling all over the most dangerous paths Iraq has to offer. His convoys were constantly under attack and on more than one occasion he spotted and disarmed numerous IEDs. He was also Combat Lifesaver (EMT) on most of these missions and rendered medical aide to anyone who was injured during the attacks. He was injured himself while trying to save 2 of his contractors when their truck rolled over an IED. Then he was sent to Kosovo where he was wounded on a mission and evacuated back to the states, specifically to Ft Dix (which is how his wife to be met him).
For the past two and a half years he has been one of the Wounded Warriors at Walter Reed Army Medical Center where he has undergone treatment and now awaiting his retirement. Nichols has received the Bronze Star among many more medals and commendations from the military.
We have been asked to acknowledge his service and commitment to this country in Welcome Home Rock Star Style. 
He invited a few of his friends to the reception and they too deserve some recognition for defending our freedom.
Sgt. Derek Akers, 2004-2005 Iraq, Providing security for KBR convoy trains
SSg. Ashley Akers, 2004-2005, Iraq, providing security for KBR convoy trains
1Sgt. Carl Cramer, 2004-2005, Iraq, providing security for KBR convoy trains 2008-2009, Iraq, provide supply training for our soldiers
Sgt. Landon Phillips, 2004-2005, Iraq Provide security for KBR convoy trains 2006-2007, Iraq
Spc. Christina Phillips, Iraq 2006-2007
We hope you can come out and help make some noise as we welcome home those who defend our freedom. 
*Media Welcome.*

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