NJ State Federation of Sportsmen Clubs News Oct. 25

Roving Rita's Restaurant Review: Troxies Chicken & Pizza

  Rita  Although I did not intend to review this particular eat in--take out establishment I felt as though I should, for several reasons. First, it is a local business and I am fond of the idea of shopping (and dining) locally. Second, there were a few comments regarding the wings and I wanted to taste for myself how good or bad they could be.

   In order to remain anonymous I chose to pick up an order when the owners were not on the premises. With a bit of help from my companion I took the order home and we sat down to enjoy our meal. I was interested in comparing the onion rings with some I had ordered from a different establishment a few weeks ago. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Troxie's onion rings were superior: light, flakey, not at all greasy, and well-seasoned. The pizza was next on the agenda and it was delicious: loaded with just enough mozzarella to make it interesting and just enough sauce to give it a savory explosion on the palate. But the crust was what set it apart from other pizzas. It was exactly the right consistency and texture to make it an original. I must admit I ruined my best dining gloves in my enthusiasm for this unique product!

   My companion's fried chicken was delightful. Although I had tasted it several months ago the flavor was consistent with what I had remembered and is simply the best fried chicken I have ever eaten. I have eaten many different fried chicken dishes, in different states and countries and Troxie's has no competition on this continent or any other continent. I say this with complete objectivity and much admiration. The layers of flavor are balanced, the texture is crispy without being greasy, and the chicken is neatly trimmed of excess fat.

   I ordered two types of wings, both with mild sauce. The "dry wings" were nothing more than the aforementioned fried chicken with a little cup of dipping sauce. Although delicious, there was no variation of flavor or texture: in short, we're talking about their chicken with a different label. The "wet" wings were a different matter. True, they did have the same consistency as the fried chicken but they were coated in a delicious, spicey sauce that made my nose run and left me wanting more than the five I had ordered.

   The restaurant itself is lacking in ambience but I believe that most of their business is 'take-out'. They do offer live entertainment on some weekend evenings and have run special services during colder weather. Their "donate a coat and get a hot bowl of soup on the house" is a worthy give-back during tough times.

   Rita's Ratings:

Service: Not applicable, as the order was a 'take-out' order

Atmosphere: 2 out of 5 stars

Taste: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Economy: A take out order for 2 with large portions of various dishes was just under $27. Because of the many menu items ordered I believe it could be categorized as 'inexpensive'.

Rita's Suggestions:

Offer customers a Sunday dinner special. Put pretty linens and fresh flowers from Sunshine Flowers on the tables and serve a family-style menu of chicken, mashed potatoes, salad, and a few vegetables. Find a new way to create wings so there are more choices. For example, I personally would love to taste an Asian-type wing like General's Chicken, or perhaps a Cajun spiced variety with a side order of beans and rice. But don't change the fried chicken, please, or I shall perish.

Happy Roving!