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Roving Rita's Restaurant Review: The Dining Car Depot, Gloucester City

  Rita  It was a dark and stormy night. My two companions and I decided to stop for a quick bite to eat at the Dining Car Depot, a restaurant across from the library. We entered and were warmly greeted by a cute little waitress and seated next to a noisy family. In retrospect perhaps we should have requested a quieter spot but that was no fault of our server/hostess. We were immediately given menus and asked for our drink orders.

   Our drinks were served within minutes. One of my companions ordered a milkshake and raved about it. I tried it, and have to agree that its homemade flavor took me back to my childhood!

   When our orders came they looked great and were presented beautifully on the plate. But when my friend dug into his enormous hamburger he noted that it seemed to have been microwaved. Yesterday. The bacon on top of the burger was definitely microwaved and the entire thing was coated with bottled barbecue sauce. We all felt sorry for the fresh kaiser roll it was resting on. It deserved better.

   My other dining companion ordered, among other things, some onion rings. They were inedible, cold and hard. But her chicken salad was delightful, well-seasoned, and fresh. We all had a taste and agreed it was one of the best salads we'd eaten in a long time.

   I give the Dining Car Depot, located on Monmouth Street in Gloucester City, the following ratings:

Service: 3 stars

Atmosphere: 2 stars

Economy: 3 stars

Food quality: 2.5 stars

Rita Recommends: A nice tablecloth, freshly prepared food, and choice seating goes a long way toward turning a good dining experience into a great one. A few fresh flowers on the tables would be nice, too. And please, if a menu item has to be smothered in bottled sauce, don't serve it to your customers.

Happy Roving,