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Letters: Politicians/Political Candidates Should be Held to Higher Standards

October 28, 2010

 As a resident of Gloucester City for the past 27 years, I have come to appreciate the pride 6a00d8341bf7d953ef011571942740970b-120wi so many people take in this city. From the volunteers that devote so much of their time, to the hard working public that builds the foundation of growth, Gloucester is a city that has a lot to offer.  We respect our ability to work, relax, pray, and be protected by the civil servants that we put in office to support our rights and concerns.  We want the opportunity to approach our representatives in office for help (when needed) and pray they will not turn a “blind eye” to our problems even when it involves one of their own. We want representatives that will improve our community but we also want them to be people we can look up to, respect and trust.  The qualities that we look for in our candidates are essential in carrying out our political process. To shrug off the inappropriate actions of someone just because he or she is a “politician” is something we should never excuse or accept especially since character, morals and ethics play an important part in who they are even before they make their political promises.

 When I stood by my husband at his swearing-in ceremony three years ago, I was so proud. I had so much faith in his promise to do everything he could for this city. He was a man of integrity and someone whose honesty and values would be an asset as a city councilman. His obligations took him away from his family so much of the time but again, we knew he was determined to do his best.  Sadly, he eventually lost sight of the qualities that got him where he wanted to be and now our lives are changed because of it. 

 On November 2nd, I will not be at my husband’s side nor will I support him for this election.  I will, however, exercise my right to vote - something that I have always done with pride and something I feel is necessary for this election.

 Lorraine Hutchinson

Gloucester City

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