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Just Sayin: I Am Not a Guy

Just Sayin’ is a parody and/or reflection of current social trends.


   I am not a guy.

   Never have been, never will be.


   I have noticed that when I go to a store or a diner or the hairdresser with someone we are addressed as, “You guys…”? Clearly, I’m a woman and sometimes I travel with a girlfriend or my daughter and we are still addressed as, “You guys”. 

   Except for the time when my long-haired son and I went out for lunch and were addressed as, “Ladies”, I can’t imagine why gender should be a matter of question.

   I was amazed when my mother and I went into the bra department of a high-end department store and the clerk asked, “Can I help you guys?” My mother looked around nervously, perhaps imagining that a couple of oily-haired Peeping Toms were drooling at us from the sidelines. We never did make a purchase because she was too upset.

   How about we stop allowing people to address us as ‘guys’? Let’s start a trend by correcting the label and insist on being called, “Folks”, or “People”. I think it’s only fair to let the gender label drop and start treating all people as equals. Unless there’s a mob of men walking into a McDonalds, “Guys” just doesn’t cut it.  

   I’m not thrilled with being called, “Hon” or “Sweetie”, either, unless it’s by my husband. Even then, it’s usually followed by a request for food or a night out with the boys so it’s not exactly a term of endearment. And I’m certainly not the ‘Sweetie’ of the check-out girl at Shop-Rite, no matter how attractive she may find me.

   I think I’m going to start carrying an air horn with me, everywhere I go. If any of the aforementioned, inappropriate labels are applied to me I’ll just blast the culprit with my horn so it leaves a lasting impression. I may just do the same to striking firemen, people that litter, and the neighborhood cat that uses my porch as a restroom.

  If you guys are with me, let me know.


Just sayin’,

Dawn Watson