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October 2010

Gloucester City Firemen Respond to Call

Gloucester City firefighters were called to the 700 block of Market Street this evening to help rescue a cat that had climbed a tree and could not come down. Neighbors cheered as the fire truck arrived minutes after the call. "We are here to serve," said one of the firefighters. "Unfortunately, the cat kept going higher up the tree and there was no way we could position our ladders on the branches with any amount of safety." The cat's cries could be heard throughout the... Read more →

Obits: Raymond G. Munyan Sr., of Bellmawr; Frances R. Sherrer of Gloucester City

Raymond G. Munyan, Retired member of Local 801 Boilermakers, Raised in Westville Raymond G. Munyan Sr., 76, of Bellmawr, formerly of National Park, peacefully passed away on October 27, 2010. LEGACY Born in Camden and raised in Westville, Ray met and married the love of his life, Patricia Athey and together they enjoyed 53 years of marriage and raised four children. Ray was a boilermaker for Local 801, Camden for many years until his retirement in 1987. Away from his work, Ray enjoyed the company... Read more →

Video 1 Gloucester City Council Meeting Oct. 28

Since the public is no longer able to watch Gloucester City Council meetings on local Channel 19 CNB will be providing excerpts of the meetings as a service to the community. Video 2 Gloucester City Council Meeting Oct. 28 Video 3 Gloucester City Council Meeting Oct. 28 Read more →

Pet Tip of the Week: Serious Talk about the Holidays

Ah, the holidays, when relatives visit, children run joyfully from one favored Auntie to another, and Fido reaps the rewards! Or does he?? Think about the typical holiday scenario. Whether it is Thanksgiving, Rosh Hashanah, Solstice, Christmas, or New Year’s, your dog may be in jeopardy of becoming over-stimulated, over-fed, or stepped on. If you know guests are coming, here are a few things to let them know ahead of time: Dogs cannot, under any circumstances, eat grapes, chocolate, alcohol, cranberries, or raisins. There are... Read more →

Letters: Shared Services Projects Save Towns Hundreds of Thousands Dollars

Shared Services Projects Save Municipalities Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars Camden County’s PARIS Grant Records Management Projects Produce Savings Dear Neighbors, Camden County residents have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars so far and had far easier access to government records, thanks to four Public Archives and Records Infrastructure Support (PARIS) Grant shared services projects led by Camden County. This is simply a shared service initiative that makes sense. Camden County has been recognized nationally and within the state as a leader in its records... Read more →

The Fantasy Football Fanatic: Dan "Snake" Watson

x category Fantasy Football Fanatic Welcome to week 8 all of you Fantasy Football Fanatics. This past weekend Dallas went from bad to worse with the loss of Tony Romo at the QB position. Jon Kina actually did pretty well considering he hasn’t taken a first team rep in practice in two years. This is a week when a bunch of good to fair QB’s are on BYE and you could do a whole lot worse than someone throwing to the likes of Miles Austin,... Read more →

Pearl M. Foulke, age 73, of Gloucester City, formerly of N. Camden

On October 28, 2010. (nee Mills) Age 73. Of Gloucester City. Formerly of North Camden. Loving wife of the late Gilbert L. Foulke. Beloved mother of Sharon, Linda, Russy and Gilbert Foulke. Loving grandmother of Letina Foulke-Polk and husband Keith Polk. Also survived by 11 grandchildren: Chanel, Brenda, Ashley, Michael, Stephanie, Jackie, Nikki, Chrissy, Jenn, Jeff and Tiffany and 13 great-grandchildren. Dear sister of Charles, Betty and the late Frances. Relatives and friends are kindly invited to attend her viewing on Tuesday morning from 9... Read more →

Introducing... Time To Get Help

“Receiving support from others who have been through what you are going through can be very powe rful and often one of the most effective ways to stay hopeful, inspired and sane. You will find out that you are not alone in this fight against addiction. You can learn from other parents. And even though your child may be different than theirs, you’ll discover there are many similarities.” – Lorraine McNeill-Popper, Mom and Parent Advisory Board Member Nine million young people between the ages of... Read more →

Letters: Politicians/Political Candidates Should be Held to Higher Standards

October 28, 2010 As a resident of Gloucester City for the past 27 years, I have come to appreciate the pride so many people take in this city. From the volunteers that devote so much of their time, to the hard working public that builds the foundation of growth, Gloucester is a city that has a lot to offer. We respect our ability to work, relax, pray, and be protected by the civil servants that we put in office to support our rights and concerns.... Read more →

Welcome Home & Thank You For Your Service SFC Lewis Nichols (also WWR rider)

Who: SFC Lewis Nichols (also WWR rider) When: Friday, October 29, 2010 Time: ETA 5:45 PM Where: Venice Plaza 281 Cross Keys Rd. Berlin, NJ 08009 Contact: Leslie (YRC) 609-980-4175 We have a special request/event going on this Friday. A long overdue homecoming for an honored guest as well as 5 soldiers who will be in attendance. SFC Nichols is getting married Friday. He will be getting his overdue Welcome Back From Iraq from the WWR and YRC, but there are also 5 of his... Read more →

Gloucester City Zoning Board Meeting Cut Short for Phillies Game; Members Honor Ralph Randolph

By Anthony Wojtkowiak The 7:30 pm starting time for the Gloucester City Planning/Zoning Board meeting on October 20 was delayed for approximately 15 minutes as members of the board held a private discussion in a closed door room off of the council chambers, 313 Monmouth Street. This reporter was not invited to enter this room despite knocking on the door and declaring that he was there for the Planning Board meeting. At that time this reporter had not yet identified himself as a member of... Read more →

Turnpike Authority adopts measures to reign in cost of employee compensation and benefits

Christie Administration Continues to Implement Aggressive Reforms to Stop Abuse and Curb Wasteful Spending (Trenton) -- Embracing Governor Chris Christie’s call to reform government by putting an end to abuse and wasteful spending, the New Jersey Turnpike Authority approved four measures today to cut the cost of employee pay and benefits. This is just the latest action in a continuing focus to reform the Authority from the bottom up. Last week, Turnpike Authority Chairman James Simpson and Turnpike Authority Executive Director Ronnie Hakim announced a... Read more →

Brother of the Wolf Announces Its New Semester for Apprentices

Brother of the Wolf recently honored its 2010 graduating class of professional dog trainers with a celebratory ceremony to launch their dog training practices. Now, the facility on Market Street is opening its doors to citizens of Gloucester City and the surrounding area. "It's a grueling course, no doubt about that," said Dawn Watson, owner of the school for dog training and dog trainers. "But it's also a life-changing experience for career-minded adults that would like to work with dogs." The school, which opened its... Read more →

City Journal: Fighting Fire with Quotas

by Heather Mac Donald, City Journal 24 October 2010 A fierce constitutional battle is being waged between an out-of- control federal judge determined to impose racial quotas on New York City’s fire department and Mayor Michael Bloomberg, equally determined to resist race-based hiring. U.S. District Judge Nicholas Garaufis appointed himself the city’s de facto fire commissioner last week by enjoining the department from hiring any new firefighters without his approval—and he will give his approval only to the racial hiring schemes he has already tried... Read more →

LETTER: Who Remembers the Hinkey Dinks?

Bill: Last week I went to a girls soccer game to watch my grand daughter play at the Gloucester City High School field. I've seen the school several times riding past on Route 130. As I was watching the game with my son I had a Gloucester City flash back. That area used to be called " The hinkey dinks". Maybe you or one of your readers can remember where it got that name. I remember the cement wall that had " Jesus Saves ".... Read more →

Letters: Gov.'s Press Secretary Releases Timeline on ARC Project

Here is the timeline describing ARC project funding and deliberation milestones since Governor Christie took office, particularly how the Governor was forced to re-examine the project in mid-August when the Federal Transit Administration presented its first thorough examination of the potential cost overruns for the project. As we now know, the range given then – $10.878 billion to $13.736 billion, not including the $775 million for a new Portal Bridge – far exceeded the working assumption of an ARC tunnel project at $8.7 billion plus... Read more →

Video PA Elk Stampede; Sedge Island Offer for Students; Game Official on Call in Show

HUNTING AND FISHING NEWS compiled by CNBNews.net link submitted by Bill Schemel by Joe Today while heading home from camp we had the most amazing experience on Winslow Hill. We were driving through just before noon when we noticed 2 cars stopped on the side of the road and someone wildly gesturing towards the field to the left. My initial response was that there was a newbie who spotted an elk in a field and was freaking out. Then I looked and saw about 20... Read more →

Letters: Remember Me

A reminder to all the family and friends of our "Remember Me " children remember our servise is always held on the second sunday in December. I really would love to be able to hold it outside again it is so much nicer.Any questions you can always email or call. If you signed the form last year to have your child added each year I have your childs name added already if you did not please contact me so they are not left out. Yours... Read more →

Guest Post – Surviving Breast Cancer | Dishwater Dreams

I’ve tried to begin writing this post and I’ve had a difficult time finding what to say, a fact that is, I must confess odd for me, and probably pretty remarkable to my family. Rarely do I have a problem talking. This may be because in October, Breast Cancer Awareness month, the world is full of pink. In restaurants, department stores and even gas stations, breast cancer promotions abound and everywhere I look I seem to be surrounded by pink ribbons. Now don’t get me... Read more →

Video: Pennsauken, Meet a Real School Hero

Kerry McHugh-Moles is proud of her hometown, her school district, and her profession. And she isn’t waiting for Superman. She believes that Pennsauken’s public schools are full of supermen and superwomen, who can change the course of children’s lives, mold minds with their chalk-dusted hands, and—while disguised as mild-mannered teachers—fight a never-ending battle for truth, justice, and public education. source: NJEA Related articles - NJEA statement on Schundler firing (gloucestercitynews.net) Read more →

"In God We Trust"

submitted by son Adam Tussey I Am the Democratic Liberal-Progressive's Worst Nightmare. I am an White, Conservative, Tax-Paying, American Veteran, Gun Owning Biker. I am a Master leatherworker. I work hard and long hours with my hands to earn a living. I believe in God and the freedom of religion, but I don't push it on others. I ride Harley Davidson Motorcycles, and drive American-made cars, and I believe in American products and buy them whenever I can. I believe the money I make belongs... Read more →

Letters: Brooklawn Council Candidate Questions Incumbent Perks

I was reading the Gloucester City News headlines on ClearysNoteBook.com this morning and I read that "Brooklawn council passes resolution to curtail official perks" What perks would they be talking about? Any ideas? Did they think cheating on their taxes was a perk? I am really curious about this, and at the next council meeting I intend to ask what perks they intend to "curtail", as I was not aware the position of Mayor or Council Person does, or should, have any additional "perks" to... Read more →

Vandals Messing With Political Signs

Photo and Caption By Amicus T. Pardie DIRTY POLITICS-With just a week left until the voters get to have their say, it seems like the ugliness is coming to the surface with more boldness. These sign arrangements were observed along Market Street but others like them were found around Gloucester City. Is this the way the George Norcross Machine trains their workers to behave? Is this the tactic they choose to influence voters? Is this the way the Democrat Party in Camden County AND Gloucester... Read more →

Election 2010: Councilman Marchese Urges Voters to Re-Elect Incumbents

Vote Democrat and allow the Incumbent Candidates to complete what they started. I would like to ask the voters of Gloucester City to vote for Mayor William James on November 2nd. I ask that our current Mayor remain as our future Mayor. Bill James has shown his leadership abilities and his commitment to making Gloucester a better place to live. Having a full time Mayor who helps attend to the day to day activities of the city as well as the long term future projects... Read more →

NJ State Federation of Sportsmen Clubs News Oct. 25

submitted by Bill Schemel Youth Pheasant and Waterfowl hunts set for this Saturday The 2010 Take A Kid Hunting Pheasant Hunt sponsored by the Federation and the Division will take place this Saturday, October 30, at the following Wildlife Management Areas: Whittingham, Black River, Flatbrook, Clinton, Assunpink, Colliers Mills, Glassboro, Millville, Peaslee and Winslow Wildlife Management areas. Story continues below advertisement The hunt is limited to youth who hold a valid youth hunting license. They can be accompanied by family. All hunts will be mentored... Read more →

Roving Rita's Restaurant Review: Troxies Chicken & Pizza

Although I did not intend to review this particular eat in--take out establishment I felt as though I should, for several reasons. First, it is a local business and I am fond of the idea of shopping (and dining) locally. Second, there were a few comments regarding the wings and I wanted to taste for myself how good or bad they could be. In order to remain anonymous I chose to pick up an order when the owners were not on the premises. With a... Read more →


We would like to say a special thank you to the Heroes to Hero Committee, as well as the Hero’s helpers, for all their hard work and dedication. We appreciate all that they do to assure that Alyssa, Nichole, Johnny, Nick and Brittany can attend college. God bless you all. The Stewart and Ruggierio Families, Gloucester City Read more →

Heroes to Hero Run Raised Almost $40,000

By Anthony Wojtkowiak Gloucester City NEWS Correspondent GLOUCESTER CITY NJ-The Ninth Annual Heroes to Hero 5k was Saturday, October 9, at 9am. According to event organizer Jerry Hubbs, himself an avid runner, says the event was attended by over 1,000 people and raised close to $40,000. Hubbs says the event has grown significantly since its first year when the total number of participants was “around the 400 range”. PHOTO: CHIEF HUBBS IN FULL GEAR, running in the 2007 Heroes to Hero event. photo by B.... Read more →

Roving Rita's Restaurant Review: San Lucas LI Tierra Mexicana

My dining companion and I were geared for an uncharacteristically spicy adventure on an unseasonably warm afternoon so we searched for a restaurant that would cater to our discerning tastes. What better way to satisfy an urge for earthy fare than to look for an unclassified Mexican eatery! San Lucas LI Tierra Mexicana is wedged in a small strip-mall on the Black Horse Pike. We passed it by without seeing it, turned around, and saw the sign. We entered and saw no one at first,... Read more →

City of Gloucester City Revised Meeting Dates

Gloucester City Mayor and council revised meeting dates: Revised Meeting Dates for 2010 Work Session Meetings The following meeting dates are: Monday, November 1, 2010 Monday, December 6, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. at City Hall, 313 Monmouth Street Caucus Sessions Meetings The following meeting dates have been changed due to holidays. Tuesday, November 23, 2010 Thursday, December 16, 2010 at City Hall, 313 Monmouth Street Monthly Council Meetings The following meeting dates have been changed due to holidays. Tuesday, November 23, 2010 Tuesday, December 21,... Read more →