Obits: Raymond G. Munyan Sr., of Bellmawr; Frances R. Sherrer of Gloucester City

Gloucester City Firemen Respond to Call

   Gloucester City firefighters were called to the 700 block of Market Street this evening to help rescue a cat that had climbed a tree and could not come down.

   Neighbors cheered as the fire truck arrived minutes after the call. "We are here to serve," said one of the firefighters. "Unfortunately, the cat kept going higher up the tree and there was no way we could position our ladders on the branches with any amount of safety."

   The cat's cries could be heard throughout the neighborhood and several citizens tried to coax the cat down by calling out to her. Her owner was distressed. "She will probably come down on her own," she said. "I'm just worried that it's going to be really cold and she'll freeze."  Another neighbor noted that she had been attempting to coax the cat down most of the afternoon.

   As of 8 PM, the cat remained in the tree. Several residents on Market Street will be waiting for her with food and blankets if she comes down on her own.