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Did Andrews Use Campaign Contributions to Fund Family Vacation?

Barrington, NJ - Dale Glading (R-Barrington), running for the House seat currently occupied Dale glading by 20-year incumbent Rep. Rob Andrews (D-Haddon Heights), called today for Andrews to answer questions about possible misuse of his federal campaign account.

Specifically, Glading demanded answers as to why multiple restaurant bills appeared on Andrews' Federal Election Commission report during what appears to have been a family vacation in Ocean City, NJ last summer. The dates in question are August 9-20, 2010, during which time Andrews charged $2,146.00 worth of meals at the Island Grill to his federal campaign account. Andrews also dined that week at Spadafora's Seafood restaurant where his food and drink tab totaled $488.00.

In addition to using designated campaign funds to eat out that week, Andrews also spent $1,173.00 on gifts to large donors including $376.00 for fudge; $170.00 for salt water taffy; and $70.00 for caramel popcorn.

"I spoke personally to the owners at the Island Grill in Ocean City," said Glading, "and they confirmed that Congressman Andrews dined at their restaurant multiple times that week. They also confirmed that Mrs. Andrews usually accompanied her husband and that their daughters joined them on at least one occasion."

"Because of the suspicious nature of these expenses, I call on Mr. Andrews to divulge who was in his dinner party on the dates in question and whether these meals were actually campaign related," continued Glading. "To say nothing implies gulit."

"If indeed these meals were legitimate campaign expenses, then Mr. Andrews is off the hook," Glading concluded. "However, if it turns out that he treated his wife and daughters to free meals while on a family vacation, then Congressman Andrews has committed serious election law violations and should be fully investigated by the FEC."

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