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Glading Accuses Andrews of Falsifying Congressional Bio

press release

Barrington, NJ – First District Republican Candidate Dale Glading today accused Rep. Rob Andrews (D-Haddon Heights) of falsifying his congressional biography. On his official Dale glading government website, paid for and maintained at taxpayers' expense, Andrews asserts that he "does not keep an apartment in Washington, D.C. but instead commutes each day by train to be closer to his family and constituents." However, Andrews' Federal Election Commission report for the current election cycle shows that he spent more than $43,000 on parties and room stays at the Holiday Inn Capitol in Washington D.C.

"Either Congressman Andrews has misrepresented the truth on his official government website or he is the victim of identity theft and someone else is using his campaign credit card to sleep at the Holiday Inn," Glading asserted.

"I demand that Mr. Andrews tell his constituents the truth," added Glading. "After all, it's their tax dollars that are paying for his website."

"And while he's at it, Congressman Andrews should explain why he spent more than $82,000 on rooms and parties at luxury hotels in places like New York, Miami and Beverly Hills," Glading concluded. "The last time I looked, Beverly Hills wasn't located in the First District."

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