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First Ward Council Candidate David Townsend Shares His Thoughts on Specific Issues


GLOUCESTER CITY NJ-Dave Townsend, First Ward Council Candidate, issued the Images following statement on specific issues that he would address if elected to council on November 2. 

" I have shared some of my philosophy and now want to share some thoughts about more specific issues.

"The City’s budget should be built around what it actually takes in.  We shouldn’t be left in a lurch because we budgeted on “maybe” money from the state.  

"Efforts to unload some city property have begun, but why acquire it in the first place?  The house next to me was condemned, torn down, went up for tax sale and is still an empty lot, but there is an owner paying taxes until he decides to build or sell.  

"The city has a tax abatement program that, last time I checked, is still unmentioned on

the city’s website.  We should improve on it, and promote it so as to increase investment in Gloucester City, not just by would-be developers, but also by those who already live here.  The Historic District should be promoted as well.  There is a market here for more than just “investment properties.”  In fact, our many landlords should be encouraged to invest and built for the future.  I know if I had investment properties I’d want to get the best price I could when selling them when I retire.

"I think the firefighters do a great job, but do not fully understand the contention between them and the current administration.  This needs to be resolved already.  If layoffs are necessary, do it.  If not, how are we going to pay for it?

"I am not greatly impressed with the UEZ thus far.  I can understand why its members like the way it’s funded, but seeing how they are at the mercy of the state and have to go through hoops to get their monies would like to see the business community revisit the BID or SID concept.  A more far-seeing and proactive business community could do a great deal more.

"The police do a good job as well, but unfortunately we need their presence more than ever.  I have, since the James’ gang first rose up, spoken in favor of cops walking a beat.  Have seen them doing so a little, but the kids need to be seeing and knowing the cops.  Tougher enforcement of Loitering and Curfew ordinances alone would be a big improvement.

"Regarding a community center, we already have the facilities in our state of the art schools.  I see no reason why the city schools can’t partner up with the volunteers or organizations needed to run community centers in the various buildings.  And on that note, I’d like to see the High School students run channel 19 under the guidance of their instructors.  They have the facilities, and the know-how…let’s get the young people involved.

"I do not want the City Library to go to the County System.  A system that requires membership and fees from communities that do not have libraries physically located within them should not be running our local library.

"Regarding the Pier Restaurant project now put on hold…monies were dedicated to shoring up the pier years ago-do that.  Otherwise, let someone else develope it, and we can keep our walkway around the perimeter.  I can appreciate the city wanting to be aggressive, but if someone (who is in the business) isn’t beating the door down to develop it them selves, then maybe we should work on those things that will attract those investors who will.

"Same for Chatham Square…won’t say much as it’s already underway, but hope it works out.  The city should never have purchased it.  The City should attract and enable development not be developers.

"A thought about the city solicitor position, we do need an attorney, but one who is full time and whose only focus is on what’s best for Gloucester City.  Let’s look at hiring a full time attorney who is salaried.  His or her job would be to keep the city out of litigation, and to do a good job when an issue must go to court.

"All city employees and departments working efficiently and thoroughly in conjunction with all the great civic minded volunteers and groups could help create a Greater Gloucester City.  I am Dave Townsend, and I seek your vote on November 2nd, 2010 for Gloucester City Council, First Ward."

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