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Brother of the Wolf Announces Its New Semester for Apprentices

4 grads and me Brother of the Wolf recently honored its 2010 graduating class of professional dog trainers with a celebratory ceremony to launch their dog training practices. Now, the facility on Market Street is opening its doors to citizens of Gloucester City and the surrounding area.

   "It's a grueling course, no doubt about that," said Dawn Watson, owner of the school for dog training and dog trainers. "But it's also a life-changing experience for career-minded adults that would like to work with dogs."

   The school, which opened its doors in Gloucester City last year, offers three Modules of teaching to certify professional dog trainers. Students are exposed to seminars, work with shelter animals, and go on field trips to observe pack-related behaviors. They teach classes at the facility and run workshops. If they excel in all fields they are offered an opportunity to become an associate of Brother of the Wolf.  Orientation is on December 4th, 2010 and graduation is scheduled for late February, 2011.

   If you would like more information on becoming a professional dog trainer please call the school at 856.349.2508. Seating is limited.

Pictured: The graduating class of 2010: Hector Rodriquez, Dawn Watson (owner), Christine Re, Paul Cropper, and Larry Fine.