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NJ12 Investigates Scott Rumana's Sleazy Solar Powered Scheme

Scott Rumana's Solar-Powered Taxpayer-Funded Patronage Mill investigated by NJ12 September 2nd 2010. This explosive investigation by NJ12's Walt Kane exposes Rumana's plot for the crooked, Sharpe-Jamesque scheme that it is.
Highlights include:
- Three independent state agencies concluding that Rumana's scheme was unethical.
- Rumana's weak defense: "Oh I'm not getting paid" Sure Scott.
- How William Northgrave the attorney from McManimon & Scotland (who also hired Porno Mark Semeraro, Wayne Township Attorney of Non Distinction) represented both sides of the deal, same as Rumana did.

Naturally there is more to the story than could be covered in 5 minutes of airtime. For the whole story and an analysis of the Board of Public Utilities' Ruling, please see THESTATENJ's

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