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Utah Artist's Painting Draws Controversy
I'm one American speaking to another American," McNaughton explained.
The piece is titled 'The Forgotten Man,' "I feel like our Presidents have really forgotten who put them there," he said.
It's symbolic of our countries condition in the eyes of artist Jon McNaughton.
"The flag being at half mast usually happens when there is a tragedy in the country. I have painted the flag at half mast because I feel that right now our country is experiencing a tragedy at monumental proportions," McNaughton said.
The painting includes every U.S. President, with conservative presidents on one side and liberals on the other, "I'm not saying these are your innocent presidents and these are the guilty, because a lot of them have done things that in a sense have trampled the Constitution," said McNaughton.
And President Obama right in front represented as standing on the Constitution.