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Tips and Snippets: Rumor Local Pagan Gang Member Arrested, DRPA & Gov. At Odds, Expect Delays on Bell Rd., "Two Dollars" Coming

By Bill Cleary

THIS WEEK’S RUMOR-There has been a rumor circulating in the area that a local Yo bill member of the Pagans outlaw motorcycle gang was arrested as part of the indictments filed in the Eastern and Southern Districts of New York against alleged members and associates of the gang. 

Seventeen members and associates of the Pagans who belong to chapters in Long Island, up-state New York and New Jersey were arrested by federal and local authorizes on September 15. The indictments charged the defendants with racketeering, murder conspiracy, assault, extortion, drug distribution, witness tampering, and firearms offenses. 

There is a chapter of the Pagans located in Gloucester City. And since the indictments were released there has been talk on the street that federal authorities executed a warrant at the home of an upper echelon member of the gang who lives in the 08030 zip code area. 

Asked about that gossip on Friday, Gloucester City Police Chief George Berglund said, “ I am not aware of any members of the Pagans being arrested locally. There is a current investigation being conducted by Federal Authorities and I am not authorized to comment on their investigation other than to say they have executed a search warrant locally. It is an ongoing investigation.”

 THEY STILL DON’T GET IT!  The DRPA Board of Commissioners  continue to abuse their power even though the Governors of New Jersey and Pennsylvania have told them to shape up or be fired. 

September 16, NJ Governor Chris Christie issued a scathing rebuke of actions taken by the Delaware River Port Authority Board of Commissioners to “reinstate” E-Z Pass perks for Commissioners, Officers, employees and retirees of the DRPA and PATCO at its September 15 meeting. In vetoing the three resolutions, Christie underscored the need for more, not less, reform at the DRPA and the fact that the resolutions reinstating these perks run directly contrary to Christie’s recent directives for additional reform at the Authority. 

“Authority employees, Commissioners, Officers and retirees should not receive free bridge passage or PATCO rides simply by virtue of their employment at the Authority, when these perks are not available to the toll-paying public,” wrote Christie. 

In response the Commissioners replied that if they had to do it over again they would have done it differently.

A little too late for that regret. 

They write, “During the DRPA Board Meeting on September 15, 2010, there was a passionate and engaged discussion about allowing DRPA employees to commute to and from work without paying tolls. Like our Pennsylvania colleagues we were moved by the statements of DRPA staff members about the impact of this change on DRPA employees. In retrospect we recognize that we did not sufficiently consider the comments of Governor Christie and Vice Chairman Nash. In particular we did not sufficiently consider the interests of our toll payers and PATCO riders.”

“If we had it to do again we would not vote to reinstate.  We are prepared to move the remaining reforms proposed by the Governor and in the future be ever cognizant of putting the interests of our customers first.”  

Although worded differently these are the same promises they made to Governor Christie in August after he took the commissioners to task for this freebie given to commissioners and DRPA employees. 

CONSTRUCTION DELAYS ON Bell Road near James Street. A Mount Ephraim PD traffic alert was issued Friday because of the new construction on the soon to be Mt. Ephraim Fire Department located on Bell Road and James Street. Expect delays,traffic congestion and possible detours during construction said Police Chief Edward Dobleman. 

Also during this time of construction the Mt. Ephraim Fire Department will be responding out of the Fire Station located on Station Ave. by the Mary Bray School so be alert and follow all parking signs said the Chief.

TWO DOLLARS COMING TO GLOUCESTER CITY-The Family Dollar will be opening soon at 401 S. Broadway (the old Quality Furniture Store) and The Dollar General, 431 S. Broadway will be opening in the former CVS/Dollar Store 

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