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Gloucester City News Headlines Sept. 24 issue
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This Just In: Accident Victim is a 16-Year-Old Gloucester City Resident

Regarding the train accident at George Street and the railroad today. The Gloucester City 6a00d8341bf7d953ef0115723c3eee970b-320wi Police Department is not releasing a name at this time.

According to Police Sgt. Brian Morrell, "The incident involved a 16 -year- old male, a Gloucester City resident.  The accident happened at 3:40 pm at George Street and the Railroad.  The victim is in critical condition and being treated at Cooper Hospital.  The circumstances surrounding the accident are still under investigation."

Neighbors  in the area, who didn't want their names used, said the teenager was wearing headphones and he didn't see or hear the train coming.  He was dragged several feet and laid under the train motionless said one man. Pedestrians use this area as a shortcut to get to nearby Broadway.

"We knew someday there would be an accident at this location said the neighbors. CONRAIL should be made to put a fence up to keep people from crossing the tracks here, said one neighbor. And if they don't do it then the City should erect the fence."

Editor"s Note: According to Police Chief George Berglund the teenager, Michael Battersby was not wearing headphones.