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September Moon Viewing Festival

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Commentary by Hank F. Miller Jr.

Moon viewing festival is usually held in the middle of September when the air is clear and the moon is at its most beautiful.This traditional custom is said to have originated from farmers religious observances to ensure a good harvest.

People used to make offerings to the fulll moon,such as rice dumplings, a variety of seasonal fruit and vegestables with Japanese pompas grass and bush clovers,and pray for realization of their wishes.

More often than not,friends were invited to join in this pleasant event and admire the beautiful moon.Moon viewing also created a poetic atmosphere.Court nobles and men of letters often enjoyed composing short poems,while looking at the full moon.

Moon viewing today is not as refined as before,but the Japanese still get together this time of the year and appreciate the beauty and serenity of the moon. While chatting,eating and drinking Japanese Sake, today it's mearly a time to get together to enjoy a good party with friends and family.

Moon viewing festival, is also known as Tsukimi and takes place on August 15th in the Lunar calendar,so it's also called Jugoyo in the solar calendar.this changes every year and usually falls on September or October. The moon on Jugoyo isn't always full, but HANK MILLER it's said that the moon on the night is the brightest and the most beautiful in the year.
Warm Regards from Kitakyushu City , Japan.
Enjoy a Really Great Autumn Season !
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