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School Is Open, Drive Safely!

Dear Resident:
                                On behalf of the Gloucester City Police Department, I hope Police_car_3 that everyone had a safe and enjoyable summer vacation.  It is now time for a new school season with many new students going to school for the first time.  We want to wish those new students well and most importantly we want them all to get to and from school safely.
                                We are asking the motoring public to be mindful of the new laws regarding pedestrians in the cross walks and we also want the pedestrians to be aware of the proper locations to cross.  All motorists must now stop completely for any pedestrian who is within a legal crosswalk.  Failure to stop for a pedestrian can subject the motorist to a traffic citation.  Likewise all pedestrians must use a Police_whistles crosswalk to cross the street.  It is not permitted to cross the street in the middle of the block or any other area where there is no crosswalk.  Pedestrians must also cross the street at a right angle and they cannot walk in the street. 

                              Every year we must tell students to walk on the sidewalk and we have cited repeat violators for walking in the roadway.  Another problem area is the students jay walking in front of the WAWA.  This a problem at the beginning of the year and we usually correct it after warnings  and summons are issued.  We do not want anyone to get hurt and we are asking the parents to please discuss the proper way to cross the street with your children.  If possible we are asking parents to drop their children off a block or two away from school because it will help with the traffic congestion trying to get in and out of the High School.  An officer will be positioned at Market and Greenwood to help cross the children safely.
                                Parking and drop off along with pickups seem to also be an issue around some of the schools.  Do not park in the cross walks or double park.  The same applies to fire hydrants.  Every year we deal with irate parents because of tickets issued to these violators.  Please park legally and walk to your destination.  It may be an in conveyance to some but we must respect the neighbors as well as the parking laws.
                                Finally by obeying a few simple rules of the road the children and motorists will have safe travel to and from school as well as work.
George Berglund 6a00d8341bf7d953ef01157231bb93970b-120wi
Chief of Police
Gloucester City Police Department
313 Monmouth St.
Gloucester City, NJ 08030
Office  856-456-0408
Fax        856-456-3682