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Pagans bikers charged with plotting to kill Hell's Angels at Wildwood's Roar to the Shore

 - pressofAtlanticCity.com By TRUDI GILFILLIAN, 

According to the indictment, one of the members, Jason "Roadblock" Blair was assaulted by
Roar to the shore logo a group from the Hell's Angel's on Aug. 25, 2009, and he later called on John Richard "JR" Ebeling to begin plotting his revenge.

In the bail letter sent to two federal court judge's, the U.S. District attorney said that soon after, on Aug. 28-29, 2009, an undercover agent recorded a meeting held at a Rocky Point tattoo shop used at that time as the gang's base of operations. Ebeling and Blair along with several other named defendants were at that meeting and were recorded "discussing specific plans to kill individuals who were involved in Blair's assault. Although Ebeling cautioned that the Pagans were outnumbered at present, and must be ‘smart' about attacking, he promised that ‘the hammer's still going to drop on them.'"

The group reportedly planned to throw homemade grenades, referred to by some of the group as "Christmas presents," to launch their attack.

The grenades, according to ATF forensic analysis, contained commercial grade explosives in a cannister that was the approximate size of a soda can, which was surrounded by steel rods, which would have acted as shrapnel if detonated.

According to the same bail letter, "Over the weekend of September 11, 2010, during a national Pagans gathering in Wildwood, New Jersey, Blair announced to chapter members that the Long Island chapter had directed by the Mother Club to, in sum and substance, "take care of business" immediately as to the Hell's Angel's and its associates. Blair added that the members present should be prepared to go to jail or be killed over the next several days or weeks as they made the object of the conspiracy operational."

Wildwood Police Lt. Terry Oslar said Thursday that the Pagans along with other motorcycle gangs such as the Mongols, the Wheels of Soul, the Breeed and the tribe, attended this year's Roar to the Shore, but the weekend produced few incidents.

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